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Monday Tuesday – Long Weekend Update

I’m okay with a Monday Tuesday post because this Tuesday is Monday for most of us.  Monday was Memorial Day and I hope you all remembered to remember and honor those who died in service to our country no matter … Continue reading

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Tuesday Monday – Because it is

No more Monday Monday on Tuesday.  That’s just wrong. So here’s what I did this weekend. ** update** I just re-read this post and realized that if you aren’t a cyclist it sounds like I am a nutjob who speaks … Continue reading

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Hump Day Miscellany – Better!

1). Let me just apologize for the picture in my last post.  Those are just fluffy bits of lovely cotton, you know. I’m better – almost 100%!  I didn’t workout today but I also didn’t sleep.  I didn’t take any … Continue reading

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Hump Day Miscellany – Whose Idea Was That?

I had a double experience today that just left me shaking my head.  It comes under the category of “did they really think that would work?”  1). First off my dealings with Comcast – my internet/phone/cable TV provider.  On December … Continue reading

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Make Me Weep

I’m alive!!  I have missed Monday Monday and Hump Day Miscellany but consider yourself saved from drivel.  I had nothing to say that couldn’t be said in 12 words or less on FaceCrack.  I admit it – I’m hooked!   … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – Thunder Thighs

  In 2005 Nike launched an ad campaign that was intended to be body positive and pro-running (well duh- it’s Nike!)  One of their posters showed a nice, healthy pair of thighs and declared in large print – I Have … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – Let the Rains Come and the Revelry Begin!

I had a lovely weekend.  On Saturday I went for a chilly bike ride with  the good doctor.  He is not really in riding shape so the way out was easy going.  The way back is usually really fast because it … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – of Elevation Charts and Accomplishments

For someone who raced her last race of the year last weekend I worked awfully hard this weekend. Saturday’s Ride: It wasn’t quite as hairy as that elevation chart makes it look but it was hard enough. I kept up … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – Perseverance Furthers

I’ve been running quite a bit lately because I have this little race coming up next weekend (the Nike Half Marathon).  I increased my running volume quite dramatically.  Check it out – this is my weekly milage   starting 10  weeks ago and … Continue reading

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Today’s Ride

  I rode up the north side of Mt. Diablo to the Juniper overlook.  It was a first for me as I have always gone up the south side.   I let myself go just over 32 mph on the way … Continue reading

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