Back to the Salt Mines


Today was my first day back to work since the company took a break starting the 18th.  And, as is often the case, I managed not to get outside AT ALL.  If I don’t go workout in the morning I often manage to stay housebound and today was that day – ugh.  So this is my porch.  It’s a mess because of the work on the house and the work is not done. Soon, but not yet.

A tiler showed up today to bring in the tiles for the kitchen backsplash. That was unexpected as my contractor hadn’t mentioned it.   Then he asked if he could put some caulk in the bathroom and I said, ‘sure’. I was on the phone but I managed to remember that there was already some caulk that the contractor had left behind so when the call ended I went into the bathroom and got it out and handed it to him. He looked at it and said, “that’s a different color – that’s silver” and then I looked at what they were doing and he was using dark gray caulk.  All of the grout was silver.  It looked awful.  I said, “you have to fix that” and so he did.

Then I went in the kitchen and noticed there was a bag of Bright White grout on the counter.  I didn’t remember choosing white grout so I called the tile place to confirm. She said it was supposed to be ‘Delorean Gray’.  I thanked her and then told the tiler and he said he’d have to talk to his boss if I was changing the grout color.  I let him know I wasn’t changing anything – I had always chosen the grey grout.  Then the tile place called back and told me the tile order for the backsplash was in but hadn’t been picked up. Uh oh.  So I opened a box of the tiles and sure enough, it was the wrong ones.

What do work keeping me indoors and the almost tile disaster have in common?  My porch.  I didn’t get any further than my porch to take a photo and my porch is a gross mess because of the remodel.  And that’s life, right?  If you don’t take control, things just go sideways so stay vigilant my friends and if nothing else – do not let work hold you hostage!

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1 Response to Back to the Salt Mines

  1. Barb Keyworth says:

    Omg what if you hadnt been checking? It would have been completed but Wrong

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