New Year, Same Old Me


It’s been a year and what a year it’s been!  I was not successful with the Bullet Journal but I will watch the video I posted and try again.  My word for this year is ‘Acceptance’ because it’s time I accept that I’m not good at using time management systems and I’m getting old and so my athletic pursuits need to respect that and I need to quit using my age as either an excuse or a bludgeon.  And thus, it is resolved.

Today I am chillin’ in front of my fireplace.  Note the lack of a facing on the fireplace. That’s because it’s not done.  Many things in my house are still not done because I am redoing a lot of things.  It’s been going on for 6 months and we are close, but not quite there.  I’ll tell you all about it sometime.  For now, I’m going to post a picture every day and sometimes I will write about it and sometimes I won’t.

Happy New Year!

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