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The Other Side of the Mountain

The most famous 3 words in the world of mountaineering are “Because it’s there” allegedly spoken by George Mallory when asked why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest.  We all have a Mt. Everest in our lives and some of … Continue reading

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Today’s Amazing Discovery

So – I haven’t written about it but I signed up for IM Canada again. I’ve seen a podiatrist and my foot issues are under control. I have a coach and a plan and I am training. It’s going well … Continue reading

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Finding my Happy Place

I have been struggling to find my happy place. It makes me a little crazy that this is an issue given that: I am healthy My children area healthy I have a good job I have a nice house I … Continue reading

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The Blog Thing

My but it’s been a while.  Many things have happened and many have not.  My ass, for example, is at least as big as it ever was if not a twee bigger.  I was not diligent about doing my rehab exercises, did … Continue reading

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This and That

It’s been over a month since I updated this blog because frankly, I can’t imagine you care and aren’t we all too busy on FaceCrack and (for some of you but not me so much) Twitter?  Blogging is so last … Continue reading

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Wrapping It All Up

This is that day when we wrap up one year and head in to the next. It’s an arbitrary date but it works out because it gives us an opportunity to put away all of the excitement and decorations and … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – of Elevation Charts and Accomplishments

For someone who raced her last race of the year last weekend I worked awfully hard this weekend. Saturday’s Ride: It wasn’t quite as hairy as that elevation chart makes it look but it was hard enough. I kept up … Continue reading

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