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Got out on my bike yesterday!

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And BOB’s your Uncle

I did a ride this weekend called the BOB which stands for Best of the Bay. And by  “best’, they mean climbs – the best climbs.  Truth is, there are so many great climbs around here that you could actually … Continue reading

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Keep Calm – and look at a map

Apparently I’m a descendant of the Fugawi tribe.  You know – that famous nomadic tribe that wanders around and finds themselves constantly asking, “Where the Fugawi?”   A little known fact regarding my navigational deficiencies is that, in spite of … Continue reading

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Thumbkin stayed in jail

It’s been a while since I update this blog thingie. That’s partly because I work a lot and partly because the whole typing thing was impacted for 8 weeks due to my hand being in a cast. So here’s what … Continue reading

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It Seemed Like a Good Idea at The Time

I have decided not to race Ironman Canada. I have a neuroma in my right foot and it hurts when I ride more than 50 miles. 112 = (50 x 2) + 12 and then there’s that marathon thing and … Continue reading

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My Bike Ride – A Story Mostly in Pictures

Anyone who knows me knows that my poor sense of direction is legendary. Today I went on a ‘group’ ride.  Only problem is that I haven’t been riding and I got dropped on a hill and then I just stopped … Continue reading

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Give a Little – Get a Lot

Do you like cool stuff?  Do like winning?  Read this post and see how you could become the proud owner of some cool stuff and have a feel good moment in the bargain! Giving is a theme in everyone’s lives … Continue reading

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