And BOB’s your Uncle

I did a ride this weekend called the BOB which stands for Best of the Bay. And by  “best’, they mean climbs – the best climbs.  Truth is, there are so many great climbs around here that you could actually argue over which constitute the Best but there’s no arguing that this was one of the best organized rides I’ve ever been on.

The aid stations featured, in order:

1). Latkes and applesauce, fruit, Peets coffee (and water, heed and fruit)

2).  Fritatas, goat cheese and almond crostini (and water, heed and fruit)

3). Lunch – wraps, chips, fruit, great drinks including Pelligrino sodas

4).  chips, little brownies with peanut butter on them and some other stuff. This one was more standard but we were close to end where you got a free ride at a buffet restaurant.

I can’t recommend this ride enough if you live in the Bay Area. Kudos to the Cherry City Cyclists for putting on a great event.  I hope they use the proceeds to throw themselves a big old party!

I skipped one of the climbs (the extra 2100 ft at the end)  but here is what I did:

BOB 2014


According to my training partner’s Garmin that is about 8800 ft of climbing. Mine said 8600 ft.  She really kicked ass on this ride so maybe that’s why she gets the extra credit.   Either way, can you say Badass?


And then today was run day so I did this:

Mt. D Run


And that’s 1,256 ft of climbing

So, mileage and elevation on the weekend was 112 and 8856 ft.


I wish my race were in 2 weeks because I am ready. Ready for the course, ready to stop training, ready to get it done!  As it is, I get a rest week and then it’s back to a long combo workout July 4th weekend and maybe a local 10K, too.


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3 Responses to And BOB’s your Uncle

  1. Petra says:

    You’re really going for it aren’t you? Inspirational stuff BADASS! And you don’t seem to be suffering – just getting it done. You are really in the zone – keep it going lady! Are we racing on the same weekend? I guess I’ll be starting before you though…

  2. Petra says:

    Incidentally I didn’t realise you said that in the US – Bob’s your uncle.. Doesn’t it refer to some British prime minister?

  3. jeanne says:

    WOW. First, you are BLOGGING! and 2nd, you are incredible! And third: love the title!!!

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