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The Other Side of the Mountain

The most famous 3 words in the world of mountaineering are “Because it’s there” allegedly spoken by George Mallory when asked why he wanted to climb Mt. Everest.  We all have a Mt. Everest in our lives and some of … Continue reading

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Team Redeemed

  7 months after preparing for the end of July, the end of July presented itself and I felt ready. Very ready.  I was fit and strong and I had dreams of how my race would go; of what my time … Continue reading

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Team Redeem Rides Again!

There are some things in life that come easy and there are some you have to work for and yearn for and keep after.  I am partially through realizing a dream that has taken quite some time but the icing … Continue reading

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And BOB’s your Uncle

I did a ride this weekend called the BOB which stands for Best of the Bay. And by  “best’, they mean climbs – the best climbs.  Truth is, there are so many great climbs around here that you could actually … Continue reading

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It’s All About the Training

If I were feeling more prolific and profound I would write a bunch of stuff about how different this year is. I would reminisce about how fit I was in 2009 when I raced B2B and how I started working … Continue reading

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Keep Calm – and look at a map

Apparently I’m a descendant of the Fugawi tribe.  You know – that famous nomadic tribe that wanders around and finds themselves constantly asking, “Where the Fugawi?”   A little known fact regarding my navigational deficiencies is that, in spite of … Continue reading

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Thumbkin goes to Canada to Race an Ironman

  The rest of the story goes like this: I got my cast off, fully expecting to be able to use my hand at will.  Yay – opposable thumb recovered!! HA! I don’t have words for the pain I suffered … Continue reading

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Thumbkin stayed in jail

It’s been a while since I update this blog thingie. That’s partly because I work a lot and partly because the whole typing thing was impacted for 8 weeks due to my hand being in a cast. So here’s what … Continue reading

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Today’s Amazing Discovery

So – I haven’t written about it but I signed up for IM Canada again. I’ve seen a podiatrist and my foot issues are under control. I have a coach and a plan and I am training. It’s going well … Continue reading

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Beach 2 Battleship – The Aftermath

When last we left our intrepid heroine she was sitting in a chair just past the finish line holding up her finisher shirt and medal and smiling.  The finish line EMT had already offered to take her to the medical … Continue reading

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