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Thumbkin stayed in jail

It’s been a while since I update this blog thingie. That’s partly because I work a lot and partly because the whole typing thing was impacted for 8 weeks due to my hand being in a cast. So here’s what … Continue reading

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Today’s Amazing Discovery

So – I haven’t written about it but I signed up for IM Canada again. I’ve seen a podiatrist and my foot issues are under control. I have a coach and a plan and I am training. It’s going well … Continue reading

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Beach 2 Battleship – The Aftermath

When last we left our intrepid heroine she was sitting in a chair just past the finish line holding up her finisher shirt and medal and smiling.  The finish line EMT had already offered to take her to the medical … Continue reading

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From the Beach to the Battleship – a journey of 140.6 miles

This is my story of my first 140.6 – the Beach 2 Battleship which starts in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina and ends in Wilmington, North Carolina.   I went into this race completely convinced I could finish but even more completely … Continue reading

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Rumble Eve

It’s 7:00 PM the night before my big race and I’m ready to rumble.  Like everyone who endeavors  to traverse 140.6 miles all in a row broken up into a 2.4 miles swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a … Continue reading

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Ironman Anxiety Dream #278,605

Everyone has them – the race anxiety dream.  They are not limited to iron distance races but they are de rigueur for them and I was getting a little concerned that mine had not yet shown up. I was worried … Continue reading

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Over the Top

I can’t believe I got from last weekend to this weekend without writing about the fabulosity that was those 2 days, a week ago.  I think that’s how it goes.  I figure I’d better spit it out before I have … Continue reading

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