The Vineman Giveth, The Vineman Taketh Away

Boy was it hot out there. I am feeling so incredibly lucky that we had such perfect weather for the 70.3 because this Full Vineman/Barb’s Race was a bear – a bear with hot, stinky breath. Okay, not stinky – it’s still very pretty up there and the air smells often of Eucalyptus but it was hot – hot, hot, hot!

Congratulations to DPR, Baboo and Andy from Arizona Tri Club, and Jen from (Swimming, Biking and Running) Stories who went a stellar 6:12 in Barb’s Race, her first Half IM. Condolences to Geek Girl who had a blown out tubular that could not be fixed. To her credit she ran the 1/2 marathon, anyhow and did fine so congratulations on that.

I had 3 jobs at this race. I directed people to turn left at one of the many turns on the bike, I was DPR’s Own Personal Sherpa™ and I cheered for people as best I could. I had a great day and a great time. I hung out with DPR’s Moms and her adorable babies who I ♥ so much, I got in a little riding since I took my bike and spent some time on the run course and I gave back to the Vineman since the Vineman gave so much to me.

The Vineman tooketh away some on this incredibly hot August 2nd. I feel bad for saying the course was so easy and that Chalk Hill was just nothing because it turns out that in 98 degree heat with a headwind at the end of a 2nd loop of an Iron distance race it is something – something awful. A guy from my race club blew up on the bike and quit on the run. The chopped up roads were not such a big issue for me but they took Misty out of the race completely. And there was the heat.

To those who finished the Vineman gaveth a tremendous amount of pride. The mental game on the Full Vineman is not trivial. The run has 3 loops and all of them make you pass the finish line – ouch. I did say there were some hills and so there are but I only had to run them once – not 3 times. Totally different experience. So between the difficult bike and the hot, hard run this was a very tough race and my hat is off to everyone who made it and to those who didn’t but who gutted it out as long as they possibly could. Well done!

I have pictures – lots of pictures. I will post them soon.

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6 Responses to The Vineman Giveth, The Vineman Taketh Away

  1. ihatetoast says:

    3 loops that pass the finish line? is this an athletic event or a psychological test?

    hats off to all those who did it. not that we wear hats any more. okay, pants off to all those who did it!

  2. Rural Girl says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me?! 98F That is nuts! Yes, congratulations to all participants; finishers or otherwise.

  3. shelley says:

    Someday I need to come out there and do that race!

  4. Yesterday I had to work outside for a good chunk of the day in our swelteringly humid 90 something degree heat and practically passed out when exertion was required of me – I can’t even imagine doing an Ironman in such conditions!

  5. swtrigal says:

    Yea-that made our race look like a picnic. Wow-must have been hard even being a Sherpa!

  6. jeanne says:

    now that is HOT. what a nice person you are to help out so much!

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