That’s Just Mean

Mother Nature can be such a beeyotch and a prankster.


Again – HUGE congratulations to Pirate, Baboo, Jen, Andy and to Misty who gutted out that run just because she could and she wanted to get her money’s worth out of the race and burn off a little ramen.

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10 Responses to That’s Just Mean

  1. runner susan says:

    whimp. I’ll trade ya.

  2. ihatetoast says:

    observed. funny word. why not say “experienced”? i observe from downunder’s winter. you experienced. weatherese.

  3. iliketoast says:

    me too, you can have china’s summer

  4. thanks babe!! stupid sunshine – it was hot out there. Hot.

  5. Brenda says:

    In 2005 when I did the half and in 2007 when my friend did Barb’s race, it was in the 90s also!

  6. aka Alice says:

    That’s hot for No. Cal. any time of year…

    Global Warming…Gah

  7. fe-lady says:

    Vineman pictures???? 🙂

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