Ironman Anxiety Dream #278,605

Everyone has them – the race anxiety dream.  They are not limited to iron distance races but they are de rigueur for them and I was getting a little concerned that mine had not yet shown up. I was worried that perhaps I was feeling a little too good and didn’t have the proper respect for the distance.  And then it happened.

I was on the swim and I was swimming between my friends Sharley and Dana, neither of whom are doing this race and both of whom swim much, much faster than me so I was happy! I think we might have even been chatting a bit, the way you can do in a dream.   I had some sense that we were well behind the pack but the water felt good and I kept thinking ‘this isn’t bad- this water feels pretty nice and I’m not cold at all’.  When we got to shore I realized I was wearing my fleece boots the entire time.     No wonder everyone else was done.

The swim ended in  a concrete warehouse and the 1 or 2 remaining  volunteers were  ignoring me. No help for Miss Fuzzy Boots.   I looked up and asked someone ‘aren’t you going to help me get my wetsuit off?  And they said everyone was done and I’d have to do my best.  I was still sort of marveling over those boots – I couldn’t believe I had swum 2.4 miles in them but oh well – at least I was warm!

Then I was wondering ‘where’s my bike’ and someone brought me a comfort bike – you know the ones with the straight handlebars.   I thought ‘wait a minute – where is my stuff?  Where is my transition area?’ and I realized I didn’t have one.  I had no bike,  no bike stuff and no run stuff and nothing was mine but all the while I was thinking “Fine – I’ll ride this bike – I’ll ride any bike – I WILL DO THIS RACE!”   Then I thought ‘wait a minute – there’s no way I would show up for a race and not set up in transition.  And then I knew I was dreaming and it really couldn’t be happening and I  made myself wake up.

Instead of having heart palpitations and thinking “OMG – I’m so nervous’ I was relieved because I’m right on track  – right up to the bad dream.  There are just 7 days left on the countdown calendar and then it’s show time.    I wonder how many more dreams I can squeeze in before then?

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11 Responses to Ironman Anxiety Dream #278,605

  1. Anne says:

    If I’d soaked my $200 Ugg boots like you did in your dream, I’d call it a nightmare and wake in a cold sweat. In your case, I think it’s a good omen. Good luck on “game day.”

  2. Ahh but Anne, mine are CostCo Fuggs so no worries!

  3. IHateToast says:

    egads, wummuns!

    and call me for replacements. i go by an ugg shop every day to and from work.

  4. Wendy says:

    On schedule is good. Swimming in boots … well, it’s a feat!

  5. fe-lady says:

    oh my this is so funny! Glad your feet were warm during the swim! 🙂

    Just think how fast you will be without those boots!

  6. jeanne says:

    hilarious! you might actually be longing for that “comfort” bike ’round about mile 90-something…

  7. Aka Alice says:

    LOL…I love those dreams where you rationalize all the ridiculous things that are happening (swimming in Ugg boots…priceless) until things become just too unrealistic (I’d never forget to set up a transition!) and you realize in the dream, that it’s just a dream.

    Sometimes I just go with it to see what happens. But in your case you were right to wake yourself up. No reason to prolong the silliness, right?

    Swimming in Ugg boots…that is the best!

  8. Runner Susan says:

    Where’s the big hunky guy in your dream? Oh and I love your countdown calendar.

  9. Juls says:

    Love it!

    BTW, I’m wearing my Fuggs (fake Uggs) right now.

  10. amytrigirl says:

    Found your site via Waddler.

    Those pre-race dreams are the best! I think you have time for 4 or 5 more.

    GOOD LUCK at B2B! I’ll be doing my first Ironman next September. I’m sure I’ll pick up lots of tips and good advice from folks like you and Waddler

  11. Trimama says:

    The Dreams! One of the greatest parts right up there with those comatose recovery naps :-). Enjoy your time, you’ve worked so hard for it

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