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My Bike Ride – A Story Mostly in Pictures

Anyone who knows me knows that my poor sense of direction is legendary. Today I went on a ‘group’ ride.  Only problem is that I haven’t been riding and I got dropped on a hill and then I just stopped … Continue reading

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Over the Top

I can’t believe I got from last weekend to this weekend without writing about the fabulosity that was those 2 days, a week ago.  I think that’s how it goes.  I figure I’d better spit it out before I have … Continue reading

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Hump Day Miscellany – Double Weekend Happiness

I’m only calling this Hump Day Miscellany because it’s Wednesday and that’s what Wednesdays are for.  I’m not doing miscellany, though – I’m giving you my 2 fabulous weekends (the last 2) in pictures because pictures are worth 1,000 words … Continue reading


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Hump Day Miscellany – in pictures!

I decided to just post pictures of a bunch of stuff Folsom Olympic Distance Triathlon The night before the race I went to the Mexican restaurant next door and ordered  a chicken burrito, expecting to get a normal burrito.  No.  … Continue reading

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Quick Stuff

I guess this is the Thursday edition of Hump Day Miscellany. Things I love 1).  A great day in the wine country going on a bike ride with Juls, Runner Susan and her lovely husband The Chef. We had such … Continue reading

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Getting out the Vote

No – I’m not talking about the California Propositions.  I’m talking about my friends’ most excellent short film.  I want her to win!  Most of her competition is pretty poor and not doing well at all but she’s up against … Continue reading

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Tuesday Monday – Because it is

No more Monday Monday on Tuesday.  That’s just wrong. So here’s what I did this weekend. ** update** I just re-read this post and realized that if you aren’t a cyclist it sounds like I am a nutjob who speaks … Continue reading

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Tour of Ca – I was This —>

I had an invitation to go to Winters to watch the Tour come through and then to have dinner at the somewhat famous BuckHorn Grill.  The plan was to go up there with the Good Doctor, bikes in rack, watch … Continue reading

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Nike swag

Tomorrow is race day and I’m ready although I’m really tired. I wanted to share with you what I got at the Expo. I had to go twice to do this. I got the stuff in the first picture on … Continue reading

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Hockey Mom

My brother in law made this pumpkin with a friend of his.  He makes a pumpkin with a hocky puck every year but this year was special – so very special.  His favorite part is that when you open the … Continue reading

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