My Bike Ride – A Story Mostly in Pictures

Anyone who knows me knows that my poor sense of direction is legendary.

Today I went on a ‘group’ ride.  Only problem is that I haven’t been riding and I got dropped on a hill and then I just stopped to get some air in my body and I lost the group.  Undaunted I carried on and spent some time riding in circles but not before I found another woman from the group who had made the same mistake.  Together we ended up having a lovely ride.  It went like this (if you click on the pics they get bigger and you can see my typos)  And I apologize for the crappy formatting.  I have no idea.

Here is a shot of the route. Looks innocent enough and yet – what is that dog leg doing there?  Hmm.. let’s explore:





Zooming in a bit we see this:

Digging deeper:

We did not catch them – we didn’t even see them and I have no idea why. We really should have.  Oh wait – maybe it’s because we did this:

To round it all up:





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2 Responses to My Bike Ride – A Story Mostly in Pictures

  1. Juls says:

    Smiling. At least you got out there.
    Miles are miles. Time in the saddle all counts — even when you’re lost.

  2. Black Knight says:

    Please come back, we miss your posts.

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