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A picture with a couple of words…

Is worth a whole lot more words.  Thanks  Pundit Kitchen! see more Political Pictures

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Monday Monday – the Day Before

I had all kinds of things to say today but I’ve decided to go with this; THANK GOD THIS ELECTION WILL BE OVER TOMORROW! I’m very excited. I’m going to swim, lift weights, and then go vote. I’m taking a … Continue reading

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When Your Friend is in a Video

I’m posting this because the last woman shown in this video is my birthday sistah!  We’re a couple years apart (she is Humbly Anne’s best friend from high school) but not that far apart in many other ways.  I’m posting … Continue reading

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Hockey Mom

My brother in law made this pumpkin with a friend of his.  He makes a pumpkin with a hocky puck every year but this year was special – so very special.  His favorite part is that when you open the … Continue reading

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In response to the stupid ad regarding the Obama/Ayres “connection” Obama said “It’s easy to rile up a crowd by stoking anger and division,” Obama said. “But that’s not what we need right now in the United States. The times … Continue reading

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Hump Day Miscellany – Fear and Loathing

I’m sorry but I have a few things to say about… the campaign.  I’M SORRY!  1).  As someone who is paying for her own health care coverage I’m am stunned and frightened by McCain’s “solution”.  I live for the day … Continue reading

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Another Alaskan Woman Speaks Her Mind About Palin

I got this in email from 21st Century Sister and immediately set out to find a link so I could share it. I found the link.  I don’t really care if this was written by the woman it is attributed … Continue reading

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Looking for a link

UPDATE – So far I have a link to woman who thinks Sarah Palin’s family values are conflicted and that she should stay home because she isn’t qualified to be VP (not because she is a mother) and a quote … Continue reading Continue reading

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Rudy Guliani is mocking Obama in his speech. Mocking him. Classy…. very classy. I’m especially charmed by the way they keep flashing the camera on the woman he was cheating on his wife with for quite some time while he … Continue reading Continue reading

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Hall Passes

First of all I need a hall pass for inconsistency. I missed Monday, Monday AND Hump Day Miscellany. I blame the election! Or maybe just a lack of inspiration. Here’s another hall pass question. If you only had 1 hall … Continue reading Continue reading

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