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So far I have a link to woman who thinks Sarah Palin’s family values are conflicted and that she should stay home because she isn’t qualified to be VP (not because she is a mother) and a quote frome a conservative Republican (Dr. Laura) saying she should stay home, and a link to an article that quotes people as saying “does she really know what she’s getting in to” and Comm sent me a clip of some MSNBC reporting asking “what do you think of people making these statements fair or unfair” but where the reporter does not, in fact, make those statements.

Bottom line – NO ONE, least of all the Democratic party, has said that Sarah Palin should stay home because she is a mother so all that bloviating about sexism and about how no man would be questioned as to his committment to his family is just a BIG FAT RED HERRING!

As for qualifications I’m very amused at the turn around on what constitutes qualifications but I’m sick of that argument already because frankly, any party that can assert that a collective 58 years on the senate is trumped by a couple of years of being mayor of a small town and then governor of a frontier state and a small business owner isn’t worth arguing with. We’re not talking about making payroll – we’re talking about running the most powerful country in the world.


Tomorrow I’m going to resume writing about training and my life. The election will consume us all from every other angle – at least we have our blogs to give us something else to think about.

This blog will return to triathlon related issues tomorrow.

Right now I need a link, please. Could someone point me to an article in which Sarah Palin is criticized for being a working mother? Where has someone questioned her readiness or suitability for office specifically because she has children?

I’m not suggesting that people are not saying that there may be a connection between her not being at home and her kid being pregnant. Working mothers get that one all the time (usually from conservatives) and I think it’s as much bunc as the next person.
What I’m looking for is someone specifically stating that she doesn’t belong in the White House because she has children.

Thank you.

And here’s one for you – this site vets claims made by both parties for truth. It’s very handy.

Last but not least – I think Palin did a credible job with her speech last night. The fact that people got all excited and started yelling ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ doesn’t, in my mind, mean it was a great speech but clearly people were moved. Be that as it may, I am simultaneously appalled and disgusted by the level of condescension and snark that infused Guliani and Palin speeches. And to claim that Palin has more experience than Biden and Obama together is absurd. These people have played in different playgrounds but with respect to experience dealing with national and international issues there’s no question who has more and it isn’t Sarah Palin.

Sorry – just had to get that off my chest.

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10 Responses to Looking for a link

  1. jkhenson says:

    Did you see this? Not Runner Susan, per say, but the Jon Daily show she refers to?
    Also, here’s a cute post that is meant just for moms to smile at the Palin speech… http://kendramccracken.blogspot.com/

  2. Spokane Al says:

    Well, there is is at http://a11news.com/610/liz-trotta-sarah-palin-should-stay-home/ . And Dr Laura weighed in here at http://www.drlaurablog.com/2008/09/02/sarah-palin-and-motherhood/ . But in listening to Dr Laura over the years I already knew that she feels very strongly about this issue and has never waivered, and I admire her for that.

    As far as experience, Obama talks about running a campaign as evidence of his managerial experience. While Palen, has run a small town, a state, and, along with her husband, her own business. Obama has never had to worry about making payroll or paying bills. His legistlative experience is heavy with votes of present. He has made virtually no impact during his short tenure as a senator. Sen Biden has spent over thirty years in the bowels of the senate – this is good? (which can also be a knock on McCain except that McCain served his country while Biden received a deferral for Asthma after a successful athlete career. Obama seems perturbed at the attack of him as a community organizer, while few of us know what a community organizer actually does, have never met one and what the requirements of such a position are. I, however, definitely know what a mayor and a governor does.

    Perhaps now I will move back to only leaving comments that are tri-related – neither of us will ever convince the other, so why do either of us need to waste the energy when we much better, higher quality things to do with our time?

  3. fe-lady says:

    Should I change the spelling of my last name now or when she is in office? 🙂

  4. Flo says:

    I heard that the husband of the Michagin governor made some statements, you can read them here; http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080904/NEWS15/809040447/1003/NEWS, which, as is typical of the media, were twisted around and became a question of can she do the job as a mother. He was stating, and I think he has a point, are they all aware of exactly what they are getting into? Being governor of a state is very different from being VP. Being a mother and having a job is hard. Being VP and having your family under a microscope and at the mercy of the media, who can’t seem to get anything right?? No thank you. Anyway, that’s apparently what started all this nonsense.

  5. 21st century Sis says:

    Well, now Sarah Palin is a Hockey momming, pistol packing, moose hunting, salmon fishing blah blah blah woman- do we really want Annie Oakley in the White House?

  6. runner susan says:

    Palin delivered a good speech. That is all. She has been a governor for only 18 months. Obviously, John McCain, would be the oldest president ever in the history of all presidents ever, and has had cancer multiple times. Sorry, but it’s true. If the primary task of a VP is to be ready in a moments notice for the presidency, then the qualifications of the VP nominee become kinda important. Being able to deliver a speech does not meet the minimum standard of qualifications.

  7. Nancy Toby says:

    I think we’re in substantive agreement on Palin but I’ve bitten my fingers off so I don’t fill my blog with posts ranting about her *muffled screams*

  8. iliketoast says:

    I would like to make a worthwhile election related comment … but I got nothin

  9. comm's says:

    Here is an article quoting Howard Gutman on the Laura Inghram show Friday, Sept 5. I listened to the 30 minute exchange running from 0730 to 0800 AZ time.


  10. comm's says:

    Here is an article quoting Howard Gutman on the Laura Inghram show Friday, Sept 5. I listened to the 30 minute exchange running from 0730 to 0800 AZ time.


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