Hump Day Miscellany – Fear and Loathing

I’m sorry but I have a few things to say about… the campaign.  I’M SORRY! 

1).  As someone who is paying for her own health care coverage I’m am stunned and frightened by McCain’s “solution”. 

I live for the day when I am employed and have decent health care coverage, subsidized by my employer. And I don’t want to pay taxes on that benefit, thank you very much. 

So McCain would give me a $5K tax credit to shop around for my own coverage.  Great.  Does he have any idea how much good medical insurance costs?      I don’t think he does because if he did he would know that $5K/yr isn’t much help to a family.  And how are we  supposed to get through that first year – the one before we qualify for the tax credit?  Are we supposed to spend a year having our income effectively lowered by INCREASED taxes (and this would increase your taxes) before we qualify for the (inadequate) tax credit?  I’m not seeing how this will work.

McCain should  understand that letting the insurance companies play the free market game by allowing people to get insurance out of state is an endless nightmare.  He clearly knows nothing about health care administration, managing medical records, about what people have to do when they are denied coverage or about the greed of insurance companies.   Who will people go to when they are denied coverage – the federal government?  That would require a whole new agency and we really don’t need any more agencies – we really don’t.  They cost money and invite new and inventive ways to create government inefficiency.  No – his plan is outlandish, outrageous and totally unworkable.  If you were sitting on the fence before think good and hard about the McCain health care plan.  It stinks.

2).  Who the hell does Sarah Palin think she is saying that Obama isn’t willing to drill for oil but he’s willng to drill for votes?  What the heck else is a political campaign about – DUH!  That is right down there with her claiming she’s going to put the federal government’s checkbook on the internet – when Obama  (with support from  McCain) already did that 2 years ago.  Way to go, lady!  She now claims she just meant that “in general”  Nice save – NOT!

3).   Why does McCain insist on saying glowing things about the strength of the American worker as though that has anything to do with anything?  It doesn’t matter how hard you are willing to work if there are no jobs.  Maybe he needs a personal economic bail out package so he can buy a clue.

4).  Regardless of what I think about Sarah Palin as a person or a politician I know this much is true – she can’t think on her feet.  My evidence for that is that she couldn’t name a newspaper she reads (and I’m quite sure she does read them) and she couldn’t remember a Supreme Court case she disagreed with even though she recently had big issues with the reduction in the  judgement against the Exxon Valdez and was very vocal about it.  She just isn’t very quick and I think that’s a problem – a huge problem.

5).  The McCain people need to drop the ‘Obama will raise taxes’ and the misplaced indignation that Ahmadinijad called Isreal a ‘Stinking Corpse’ and yet Obama wants to open diplomatic talks with him.  We need to deal with Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Darfur and probably some others.  If we can’t find diplomatic solutions to any of these issues we are doomed – we can’t keep tossing bodies at the problem and we’re out of money.  McCain is too bellicose.  He scares me.

The End

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2 Responses to Hump Day Miscellany – Fear and Loathing

  1. suzee says:

    Just saw a great ad for Mr. O about taxes.

    Yeah, you go. I could leave a 1,000 word comment about #1…

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