Another Alaskan Woman Speaks Her Mind About Palin

I got this in email from 21st Century Sister and immediately set out to find a link so I could share it. I found the link.  I don’t really care if this was written by the woman it is attributed to. I don’t care who wrote it because it mirrors my own thoughts and I like it.  Assuming it really was written by Mairiis Kilcher of  Homer, Alaska, it’s just that much sweeter.

Excerpts:  (click on the exceprt to get the full text but turn the sound OFF on  your computer first.  This site plays music)

I am a 66 year old , Alaska born ,pioneer woman. Sarah Palin does not represent my values and my beliefs, nor those of countless Alaska women, who have also hunted, fished, raised families , and cared for a disabled family member while earning a living . I come from a large homesteading family and grew up in a one room log cabin with 7 brothers and sisters. We hunted and fished, out of necessity, not for recreation.


We abhor her stance against protecting Alaska from Global Warming, she shows no concern for the threat it poses to Polar Bears and countless first Alaskans who depend on the sea mammals for their very lives.

We ask: Why is no one making a big deal about the fact that Palin opposed the ALaska Clean Water Initiative (proposition 4)–which would have imposed tighter restrictions on large scale mining operations?

We ask: what has she done for women in our state? What has she done for health care in our state.? Nothing . I am at this moment too broke to afford even a pair of drugstore reading glasses, let alone expensive designer Sarah Palin glasses!

Who can we contact to bring our concerns to the attention of the American public before it is too late? Will the Obama campaign contact us and invite us to speak out around the Nation, so we can tell the world we are insulted and ashamed to be associated with Sarah Palin? Call me, I am ready and willing to go..

Mairiis Kilcher , Homer, Alaska”

There is lots more text in between the dots and I encourage you to read the whole thing.


Have a great weekend!

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7 Responses to Another Alaskan Woman Speaks Her Mind About Palin

  1. While I am not a huge Palin fan, I did find your post interesting. Whatever we may think, Palin has the highest approval rating of any governor in this country. So I suppose we can dig and find people who oppose her.

    As for this lady complaining that Palin has done nothing for her because she cannot even afford eye glasses – Alaska has no state or sales taxes, and gives money back to each of its residents virtually every year. I believe the next step towards individual success is up to this lady.

  2. Admin says:

    Al I understand what you are saying but this woman doesn’t exactly sit around waiting for handouts. She is a very active community member, owns a B&B/kayaking tour business, is a photographer, etc. Mostly she just doesn’t like Sarah Palin and doesn’t want to be identified with her.

  3. Runner Susan says:

    Have you seen the Sarah Silverman video?

    or the Beauty Queen video:

    or this one?

  4. iliketoast says:

    I really don’t think Palin is a factor and she is getting way to much attention. What is the US going to be like in 5 or 10 years is one question which, in my opinion, would be worth more focus.

  5. Runner Susan says:

    next time you comment on my blog, change your web address so it points here.

  6. iliketoast says:

    she is is already Palin-to insignificance!

  7. Megan says:

    Why hasn’t Palin done anything for women or health care? I don’t know – maybe for the same reason Obama has done literally nothing for the state of Illinois but run for President – not enough time in office, I guess.

    Oh, riggghhhttt….but it’s okay for Obama to have no experience and no makor anything to his name…I just keep forgetting these things.

    You know, I checked out those links that Runner Susan posted – why is that okay? Why is okay to mercilessly make fun of this person like we’re at recess in elementary school? Why do people spend so much time digging up stuff like that? If you don’t like her, don’t vote for her. Not that hard.

    My point is: when did it become acceptable to do this to people? And the worst offenders are women – like somehow its okay to rip someone up because being same-gendered makes it okay.

    Damn, this gets more like high school everyday. Shameful.

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