Nike swag

Tomorrow is race day and I’m ready although I’m really tired.

I wanted to share with you what I got at the Expo. I had to go twice to do this. I got the stuff in the first picture on Thursday night when they had “Ladies Night” complete with wine and crackers and cheese. I thought it was crowded then but that was nothing compared to today when I returned to get my iPod engraved. The lines were very, very long and the swag was pretty much gone. Glad we went Thursday!

Nike Swag

Nike Swag

I got a Bare Naked bag, 3x Bare Naked Granola, a fabulous bright orange towel which will be very handy at a tri (easier to find your spot), Luna Moons, 20% off Cole Hahn card (very handy when you are seriously in need of $300 flats), a mirror, Dove ‘poo and cream rinse and a card for a free Jamba Juice in San Francisco, sunscreen and chapstick. Not bad! I also got a chair massage by the smokin’ hot Eddie who did a really great job, a foot massage, a horrible manicure (but she was really cute and she’s only interested in hair, not nails) and of course, a glass of wine and some food. I also had a great time with my friends from FoMo.

Today I went back to get my iPod engraved and it has come my attention that a certain someone has a little too much influence on my thinking right now. You know who you are, Dana!

Engraved back of iPod

Engraved back of iPod





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6 Responses to Nike swag

  1. Trimama says:

    Goodness gracious- I take a little life imposed hiatus from blogging and you go and put up a fantastic web site! I love this! Race well and looking forward to the report

  2. Rural Girl says:

    An engraved iPod….that’s cool!

  3. suzee says:

    I’ve been thinking about you Nike girls all morning. I hope you’re having tons of FUN!

    Can’t wait to read the report.

    [Nice haul, too!]

  4. You looked great out there! Hope you finished strong! Can’t wait for the race report.

  5. Aka Alice says:

    I missed the towels, but I agree with you, the Expo was a ZOOOOO. I ended up being there three times as various friends arrived to check-in.

    Waitin’ to read how you liked the race.

  6. Runner Susan says:

    140.6? Good gravy.

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