Friday Guest Blogger – Denise writes about Joggling

I got an email in my regular email inbox a couple of weeks ago from Denise from LA who wanted to know if she could be a guest blogger on this blog.  I was taken by surprise because my regular email is in no way associated with my blog and yet… she found it.  Weird.  I decided she was okay, though and I’m giving her this spot because this post is about the little known sport of Joggling – that would be juggling while you jog.  Who knew?  You can read more about Denise at the end of the post.

If you would like to be a guest blogger on my blog please send me an email at 21stcenturymom at the mail service hosted by google (stretched out and disguised to prevent spam attacks).
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Can you Joggle?

 Whenever you think some thing has been completely investigated  from every possible direction, and  nothing else  could possibly be added, someone, somewhere will prove you wrong.

Running – you can run long distance, short distance, mix it with  biking and swiming and get triathlons, do marathons or ultramarathons…. dashes and sprints, relays and so on. What could possibly be added to all that?

Well, turns out that if you add juggling to jogging, you get Joggling – and there you have it – a completely new take on running.

Its not that joggling is very new, its been around since somewhere in the 1970’s.  The fist championship took place in 1980 and since then jogglers have run everything from track to marathons and ultra marathons.

The juggling is usually, though not always done in a three ball cascade pattern which is efficient and uses the least energy, plus, the arm motions of 3 ball juggling fall in well with the natural rhythm of jogging.

So how do you do it – actually run and juggle at the same time? Well, you’ve got to be able to juggle a 3 ball cascade perfectly. Once you’ve got that down, you should go for a run and notice the natural movement of your arms while running and visualize yourself juggling at the same time. When you add the balls to all of this, you will be joggling. Jogglers say that this is really only using all four limbs in their natural capacity, doing what they would have been doing in any case.

For more information on getting started you can check out more interesting sites on the subject .

Michal Kapral’s Blog – the current world record holder for the joggling marathon, with a time of 2:50:12, set at the 2007 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon using Sport Juggling Co. beanbags. That is only on of the records he currently holds. 
Perry Romanowski’s blog  has a really cool video page, and the whole thing seems a lot less insane once you watch it in action.

——————– End Guest Blog Post ————————-

So – if you are bored with vanilla running try juggling it up a little (yuk,yuk…. I’ll be here all week!)  Note that some guy managed to joggle a sub 3 hour marathon so I guess the challenge is to go faster while keeping all those balls in the air.

 About the author:

Denise writes the blog  The Running which is a group blog.  If you would like to contribute to her blog please go visit and join!



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3 Responses to Friday Guest Blogger – Denise writes about Joggling

  1. Hey, I just wanted to let you know that if I click on the RSS box in my toolbar for this blog, it tries to add

    I am pretty sure that should be feedburner, not feddburner. I had to go to google reader and add the subscription manually by cutting and pasting the blog title and it worked just fine.

  2. fe-lady says:

    I think I will try pole sitting first…

  3. Denise says:

    Thank you for posting this.

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