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Monday Monday – It’s All About the Win/Win

I had such a fantastic weekend that I’m not sure I can convey its greatness.  I had the opportunity to do things that made me feel strong and capable and to see things I’d done make others feel strong and … Continue reading

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Hump Day Miscellany – in pictures!

I decided to just post pictures of a bunch of stuff Folsom Olympic Distance Triathlon The night before the race I went to the Mexican restaurant next door and ordered  a chicken burrito, expecting to get a normal burrito.  No.  … Continue reading

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Quick Stuff

I guess this is the Thursday edition of Hump Day Miscellany. Things I love 1).  A great day in the wine country going on a bike ride with Juls, Runner Susan and her lovely husband The Chef. We had such … Continue reading

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Monday Tuesday – Long Weekend Update

I’m okay with a Monday Tuesday post because this Tuesday is Monday for most of us.  Monday was Memorial Day and I hope you all remembered to remember and honor those who died in service to our country no matter … Continue reading

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Tuesday Monday – Because it is

No more Monday Monday on Tuesday.  That’s just wrong. So here’s what I did this weekend. ** update** I just re-read this post and realized that if you aren’t a cyclist it sounds like I am a nutjob who speaks … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – the Best Laid Plans

Here’s what I did this weekend on Saturday: 3 Bears via Pig Farm + Inspiration Pt. When I told my inadvertant coach Monica about it I got this response: WHY did you ride 4 hours today?  WHY did you ride … Continue reading

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Hump Day Miscellany – Better!

1). Let me just apologize for the picture in my last post.  Those are just fluffy bits of lovely cotton, you know. I’m better – almost 100%!  I didn’t workout today but I also didn’t sleep.  I didn’t take any … Continue reading

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Tour of Ca – I was This —>

I had an invitation to go to Winters to watch the Tour come through and then to have dinner at the somewhat famous BuckHorn Grill.  The plan was to go up there with the Good Doctor, bikes in rack, watch … Continue reading

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Hump Day Miscellany – Whose Idea Was That?

I had a double experience today that just left me shaking my head.  It comes under the category of “did they really think that would work?”  1). First off my dealings with Comcast – my internet/phone/cable TV provider.  On December … Continue reading

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Make Me Weep

I’m alive!!  I have missed Monday Monday and Hump Day Miscellany but consider yourself saved from drivel.  I had nothing to say that couldn’t be said in 12 words or less on FaceCrack.  I admit it – I’m hooked!   … Continue reading

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