Monday Tuesday – Long Weekend Update

I’m okay with a Monday Tuesday post because this Tuesday is Monday for most of us.  Monday was Memorial Day and I hope you all remembered to remember and honor those who died in service to our country no matter how you feel about the conflict they served in.

Here’s what I did over this long weekend (warning – this is probably really boring but I’m doing it anyhow because I don’t have time to be interesting and you asked me to blog so I’m blogging!)

Friday – Swim masters (2100 meters with a lot of kicking and breast stroke); run 40 minutes having to pep talk myself the entire way (come on – one more song.. just keep going.. you can do it), OWS in the evening with a whole flock of people for probably about 1400 meters.  Of course I zig zagged all over and could NOT get to the rest of the people and they just kept being ‘out there’ so I finally gave up and swam in, blinded by the sun.  Note to self – wear mirrored goggles next time and stay on someone’s feet!

Follow up swim with burgers and wine with favored training bud Caroline.

Saturday – leisurely ride with BFF masters friends and  former riding partners, one of whom is recovering from a back problem then drive out to time trial clinic and do 2 laps (3 miles) in the horrific wind.  Got 5 seconds faster the second time around so yea!

After ride head out to East Stump Hole to spend the day with CASA kid.  Get home at 9:00 PM (because it’s a 2.5 hour drive out to see CASA kid)

Sunday – run with newbies in my New Triathlete Progam (I got 20 people in the program – woot!), talk about importance of stretching and demo foam roller.

Then go for trail run up Mt. Diablo with Caroline.

Monday – get ass handed to me riding with my training BFFs Dana and Maggs who were doing a dress rehersal for IM CdA.  I thought that if they already had 56 miles on their legs I could keep up. WRONG!  I struggled desperately to hang on to a wheel and was successful at times but would then lose it.  Net result was 40 miles at 16.7 mph average – PR!  I’ve never ridden that far, that fast before and we were going into the wind much of the time.   I ♥  training with those ladies.  They did another 16 to finish off a full 112.  They are machines!   I think they ran for 6 miles after that, too.  I ran for 15 minutes and baby it was HOT.

Go to other BFF training friend Vali’s house for BBQ which was both delicious and fun.

Today – rest day!  I worked but it felt like rest after all of that.

Tomorrow- swim/run

Thursday – conquer Mt. Diablo with Maggs. I am determined to make it all the way to the very, very top!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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4 Responses to Monday Tuesday – Long Weekend Update

  1. Molly says:

    You’re a machine! Great training 🙂

  2. jeanne says:

    damn, woman! i am a lazy sod. nice work!

  3. fe-lady says:

    You did enough for two…so I am off for a nap now! Thanks! 🙂

    (LOVE the ave. MPH!!! That’s really great!)

  4. Balck Knight says:

    Our memorial day is not a day of reconciliation because our was a civil war. Honor those who died in service for our country with an ideal.

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