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Marathon Training

It hurts – no way around it.  My feet especially hate distance and now my knees are starting to complain when I hit the double digit miles.  But you know what else it does?  It makes you feel young and … Continue reading

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Lemons, Lemonade or an Arnold Palmer?

I don’t think I can make lemonade out of lemons quite they way Runner Susan can. She turned a 3 hour traffic jam, a full bladder and a missed race start into running an ultra marathon and getting a marathon … Continue reading

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Last  weekend when my friend Harold and I rode from Stinson Beach to Marshall and back we encountered a group of people riding with California Bicycling Adventures.   I looked at this one guy’s pannier bedecked bike and noticed he had … Continue reading

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Vineman 2009 – A Little Visit to Hell

Every race is a learning experience and this one was no exception.  On Friday night we went to the pre-race talk with the Pros and heard Joanna Zeiger (among others) speak.  The MC talked about how she had had one … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – the Best Laid Plans

Here’s what I did this weekend on Saturday: 3 Bears via Pig Farm + Inspiration Pt. When I told my inadvertant coach Monica about it I got this response: WHY did you ride 4 hours today?  WHY did you ride … Continue reading

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Hump Day Miscellany – A Day Late and a Few Words Short

I was tempted to skip HDM because I’m just not feeling the blog but I feel duty bound (as though you care) so here we go.  I call this Swim, Bike, Run, Why Bother? Swim – there is a woman … Continue reading

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Oh The Pain

I’m having a pain.  Actually I’m having a couple. My first pain is that I really, really, really want to register for the New York City Triathlon but there are a bunch of reasons why that might not be my … Continue reading

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