Lemons, Lemonade or an Arnold Palmer?

I don’t think I can make lemonade out of lemons quite they way Runner Susan can. She turned a 3 hour traffic jam, a full bladder and a missed race start into running an ultra marathon and getting a marathon medal but I digress.  My particular brand of lemons come in the form of non-running, rather than running so there’s less to be done with them.

My lemons are known as ITB syndrome  and it all started with a bicycle seat in the wrong position.  I’ve been battling the demon for a couple of months and I finally got out the big guns and went to a physical therapist who treated it.  We talked about training through the pain (a fairly common methodology for triathletes) and that just didn’t work.  I tried to run off the bike and the pain was intense and I was defeated so he said he thought 6 weeks of rest along with some glute strengthening exercises he gave me would do it.
Excuse me – did you say 6 weeks?


Holy mother of God – I can’t NOT train for 6 weeks and oh, by the way, I have a race in 4 weeks.

But the gig was up – if I can’t run off the bike then I can’t very well do a triathlon so bu-bye Oceanside.  You were a great idea a few months ago.

So where is the lemonade?  I have a bunch of glute strengthening exercises to do and although they aren’t difficult and they aren’t too terribly painful to do my buns get really sore from them.  I can also do core work as well as a little upper body work.  So – in however many weeks I can hold out (I’m committed to 4 at this point) I will do my glute and ab hardening work and come out of this with a great butt and a six pack!  Or a 4 pack!  Or no pack at all but a nice flat, hard tummy.   Just look at the physique in this picture of a person suffering ITBS. I think that says it all.

So there’s your lemonade.  Or maybe it’s not lemonade – maybe’s just an Arnold Palmer because it will be a cold day in hell before my butt ever looks that good but it will look better and I loves me an Arnold Palmer (the drink, not the man) so, in the parlance of the 21st Century, it’s all good.


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9 Responses to Lemons, Lemonade or an Arnold Palmer?

  1. fe-lady says:

    sorry to hear about all this…
    but if you get a butt like that one in the illustration it will be worth it.

    Get better and have fun at your new job tomorrow!!!!

  2. That stinks!!! I had IT issues going into my IM 3 years ago. I was given (probably similar) exercises, and I still do them TO THIS DAY! I really think doing them helps to keep the RIGHT things strong, and that helps keep everything “in place.”

    Good luck!!!

  3. Mother Chaos says:

    Nooooooooo! Six weeks?! Argh.

    I seldom make it through these sorts of things. They say “six weeks!” and I get to exactly the point at which the pain doesn’t make me cry anymore, and then I’m back at whatever it was I shouldn’t have been doing. What an idiot.

    That butt WOULD be a nice side-effect, though. 🙂

  4. Black Knight says:

    Sorry sorry sorry, I know very well what a long stop means but we have many chances: the gym or swimming without stressing the illness part of our body. Best wishes!

  5. runner susan says:

    How are you feeling now? I need some glute exercises! do some for me today, and tomorrow and the next day, please.

  6. Jessica says:

    Haven’t been in the blogosphere in awhile – – like the look of your blog these days! As for your training…you are an inspiration, lady – truly.

  7. David says:

    So if you can get your butt to look like the one in the diagram, what’s to complain about?

  8. Black Knight says:

    Where is 21st Century Mom?

  9. Yuri says:

    IT band syndrome sucks! I really feel for you, especially that you can’t run for 6 weeks. Do you have a foam roller? If so, try using every day to roll out your IT band – it will help. Also, doing some exercises to strengthen your glutes will be a big help as well.

    Interval Training Man

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