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More and Less

Here is what I need more of: More Health and Fitness News & Tips at Greatist. And here is what I need less of : More:     less:

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Getting Back in the Saddle

When I did my 140.6, lo those many months ago, I came out of that experience feeling like I could handle anything.  Not that I was so amazing – just that I had done the distance and if I wanted … Continue reading

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Lemons, Lemonade or an Arnold Palmer?

I don’t think I can make lemonade out of lemons quite they way Runner Susan can. She turned a 3 hour traffic jam, a full bladder and a missed race start into running an ultra marathon and getting a marathon … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – Thunder Thighs

  In 2005 Nike launched an ad campaign that was intended to be body positive and pro-running (well duh- it’s Nike!)  One of their posters showed a nice, healthy pair of thighs and declared in large print – I Have … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – Paying it Forward

Stronger has started another super secret fund. This one is genius – it’s GREAT! She wants people to toss $5 into the ring and then find out what it is for. It’s an act of faith and let me assure … Continue reading

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Weekend Update – Training with Timex

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One of the Many Advantages of De-Starching

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