Monday Monday – It’s the little things….

It’s Tuesday! So shoot me – I just didn’t feel like writing yesterday. I thought about all of you all week and all weekend as I blogged in my head repeatedly. I thought about how it’s the little things in life that make a lot of little smiles grow into a big one. Little things that happened that made me smile:

1). The cat ate a teeny, tiny piece of turkey that I didn’t have to cram down her throat. And then she stopped and it was back to the force feeding. At least she tried.

2). The cat has started leaving my bed to come sit on my lap when I’m watching TV. This is HUGE

3). The cat visciously attacked my hand the other day while I was petting her – she’s coming back to life!

4). I had a great call with Humbly Ann who was struggling with some stuff and I helped her feel better. Nothing warms a Mom’s heart more than helping her child out of a shadow. (That and learning that she didn’t get eaten by a shark – see previous post).

5). I was good about getting my 2 weekday rides in. I even rode the road that has the hill that kicks my butt and it did not. Good times!

6). The weather was gorgeous this weekend. My 90 minute run did not suck as much as last weekend’s 70 minute run so I was very happy about that.

7). I ran out of book on the run and started listening to music and heard the most perfect, sunny day running song, Sunny Day by Hyim If you click on that link you can hear it, too. The tempo is a little slow but on a hot sunny day when you are out running it feels just right.

8). I went to a bike maintenance clinic and not only learned some stuff but was finally told I look like I’ve lost weight. It wasn’t really the first time. Humbly Ann told me I looked skinnier in early April but I hadn’t started noticing it yet so it didn’t have the same impact as me noticing I’d lost weight and then not hearing that from other people. Now I SO appreciate both comments. I’m 6 pounds down and doing fine.

9). I climbed to the junction of Mt. Diablo again on Sunday. It wasn’t quite as hard as it had been the week before. The rest of my group went on to the top but I just didn’t feel like it was my day to do that so I’m scheduling that for May 17.

10). I have 2 events coming up! Next Saturday I am riding the Wine Country Century (metric) and May 10 I have my season opener triathlon, The Golden Bear. I’m excited!

11). I went to swim clinic Saturday morning and went from flailing in the water like a crazy person to actually pulling some water and making some progress. It was really great to have that experience BEFORE my first tri where I’m sure I would have gone nowhere fast for the first 10 minutes of the swim, otherwise. I love my race club!
And all of those little things add up to big things – sunny days, training progress and happiness.

This is my life with the cat now. We do this 2 or 3 times a day:

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8 Responses to Monday Monday – It’s the little things….

  1. greyhound says:

    Combine the hard biking with dropping 6 pounds and you’re power to weight ratio is obviously moving in the right direction.

    Ratios are sexay!!

  2. momo says:

    that’s a good happy list. and that poor cat. geez, i was feeling all crazy about having to stand outside ten times a day trying to teach this little puppy to poop outside.

    hang in there. she loves you! 🙂

  3. SM says:

    OMG..poor kitty..bless your soul for taking care of it so well!!

  4. Where do you go up on Mt. Diablo for your rides? If you see a short, dark-haired latina girl running on Blackhawk Road, it’s probably me! Feel free to shout something inappropriate! (I run on the paved walk.)

  5. jeanne says:

    great list! and way to go on dropping the weight. that’s HUGE!

  6. waddler26.6 says:

    Hope Kitty gets better.

    You are getting some great training in!!

  7. fe-lady says:

    Oh god Pamela…this broke my heart! It’s so good of you to do this…I have certainly “been there done that”, but lately it’s “life is good as the children are gone and the pets are all dead”!
    That doesn’t mean I don’t take care of the neglected cats in the neighborhood…but I am not as attached to them as if they were my own!
    Six pounds is HUGE…not that I saw you had 6 to lose mind you…but sounds as if the workouts and eating well are working! Congrats!
    Love your list too!
    Love you too! 🙂

  8. Donald says:

    Ahh, cats and medicine … one of life’s great challenges. The only thing worse is trying to give a cat a bath.

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