Hump Day Miscellany – A Day Late and a Few Words Short

I was tempted to skip HDM because I’m just not feeling the blog but I feel duty bound (as though you care) so here we go.  I call this Swim, Bike, Run, Why Bother?

Swim – there is a woman at my pool who often gets into the lane next to me. She is very round.  I am not so round.  I feel I should be able to glide through the water faster than her but no – not even close.  I often watch her slide through the water like an eel, leaving me in  her wake.  She is not the only very round woman who does this to me.  Where is my  speed?  WHERE??  I’m  happy to say that it’s getting better and that I swam descending 100s on the 2 minute interval today but still – I find this all very annoying.

Bike– Bike is good.  I still get my ass handed to me quite regularly by my riding partners Dana and Margaret but it’s okay – they work hard.  Margaret and I rode Monday even though it was about 40 degrees and very foggy out.  My pedals were sporting a pair of feetsicles, for sure.  I think it might be time to put the bike in the trainer for a while and do some Endurance Nation Hurl Level 4 intervals, though.

Run – The run is okay, too.  10 minutes/mile feels kind of pokey and that’s new.  My new thing is trail running which I love.  I tried to run with Mr. Dog on our walk today and ended up having a very close and uncomfortable encounter with  the asphalt.  He’s just not ready to be a running partner but next time I try that I’ll be sure to be on the trail and not on the road.

Why Bother? – I had the opportunity to use an electronic device to measure my body fat today.  My BMI was 22 something and my Percentage fat was 30.  30% fat.  Not  a happy thing.  Fortunatly  we have plenty of cookies around here to drown my sorrows in.

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7 Responses to Hump Day Miscellany – A Day Late and a Few Words Short

  1. Aka Alice says:

    The most courageous thing you did was the “why bother.” I’m proof that ignorance is bliss…I’d rather not know my BMI or fat percentage…brave…

    Cookies = yummy goodness.

    Round woman in pool = GAH!

  2. monica says:

    Oh non ononono. Those stupid electronic handheld body fat devices are notorious for being horribly off. Don’t trust it for a min. If you really want to know your body fat have someone do a 9 point caliper test. Then have the do it again and average out the results. Once that handheld thing said I was 28% body fat, so I cried, then I went and got a bodpod reading, which is almost as accurate as being dunked in water and it was only 21%. Moral, electric devices are BULLSHIT.

  3. Liz says:

    Been subscribing for a little while and reading up – like your blog a lot. Re: Mr. Dog, here’s a no-brainer solution I love for lots of applications – maybe good for you if you haven’t tried it already. Put a regular body harness on him – the cheap kind with an O-ring on the chest. Make sure it’s a comfy snug fit (think loose bra = icky chafing). Hook his leash clip to that O ring on the front. Poor man’s no-pull harness. Painless, no training required, often has rather nice results. Cheers!

  4. jeanne says:

    make sure you drink a TON of water before your next body fat test. it works like a charm! sounds like you got it all goin’ on. good work!

  5. runner susan says:

    I’m 33% body fat if that makes you feel better?

  6. TriBoomer says:

    30%? You wouldn’t know by looking at you.

    I’m just sayin’.

    Stay tuned…

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