Monday Monday – Let the Rains Come and the Revelry Begin!

I had a lovely weekend.  On Saturday I went for a chilly bike ride with  the good doctor.  He is not really in riding shape so the way out was easy going.  The way back is usually really fast because it is a gentle, constant downhill grade but it was also into a strong head wind and I was working really hard to keep  my speed at 18 – 19 MPH.  Turns out The Doctor was digging on that and just tucked up behind me, sucking on my back wheel.  When we got home I said, “Phew!  That wind was ferocious” and he said, “Really?  I didn’t notice a thing!  You know you get about a 40% advantage when you ride someone’s wheel”  Apparently he turned the cranks about 3 times the whole way while I was just busting my ass.  It felt good, though.

Then I went to a ladies tea party given by a friend from masters.  She gives them once or twice a year and they are ever so refined and delicious.  We had tea and scones and gooseberry jam and little sandwiches and chocolate. Yum!  Saturday night the good doctor and I hung out and drank wine and yukked it up.  It’s so nice to have some company around the house.

Sunday was one of those days where I was busy without accomplishing much. My baby got home from college which was great.  Beyond that my main activity was to make a fancy dessert for the Forward Motion Race Club Holiday Party.  Last year I won the prize for best dessert and I was trying to defend my title.  The party was entertaining enough and the food was great but as though that wasn’t enough the club  awarded me a gift certificate to a restaurant for getting our website overhauled and up and running.  I felt so special!  And then I won 3rd prize in the dessert contest (there was way more competition this year) which turned out to be 2 pounds of delicious M-Dot Kona Coffee.  YES!  3rd place has never tasted so good.  If you have never tried this coffee I highly recommend it – it’s on special right now.

The only fly in the ointment this weekend is that the rains came.  Sunday  night it just poured!  Monday  my training partners and I arranged a garage, trainer session and of course, the sun was beaming but it was cold and the roads were wet and we just stuck with the plan (due at least in part to a lack of helmets).   We did 3 x 8 hard intervals. That means 8 minutes pedal to the metal and 3 minutes recovery.  We needed 4.  We switched it up each session by doing high cadence for 2 minutes followed by 2 minutes of big chain ring ‘climbing’.  It was HARD and it hurt so good.  At least no one got away from me and had to wait up – that was great!

So let it rain, baby!  I’ve got the heated pool with my masters group, the trainer rides with my race club, the runs in the rain or the dreadmill and I’ve got some tasty brew.  Sing it with me now… chestnuts roasting on an open fire…….

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4 Responses to Monday Monday – Let the Rains Come and the Revelry Begin!

  1. Don says:

    I think you guys could really use some rain. I couldn’t help but notice how dry the forests were when I ran through Marin on the 6th. Everything was tinder dry. Very So Cal.

  2. iliketoast says:

    chestnuts roasting on an open fire ….. da de da de da de da (if I only knew the words)

  3. runner susan says:

    i haven’t ridden my bike in weeks . . . just too dang cold . . . i’m a weenie and the trainer thing just seems like torture.

  4. Shelley says:

    Your happy attitude should be ashamed of make us all look bad…heee hee :-))
    Have a most excellent holiday!!

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