Give a Little – Get a Lot

Do you like cool stuff?  Do like winning?  Read this post and see how you could become the proud owner of some cool stuff and have a feel good moment in the bargain!

Giving is a theme in everyone’s lives right now with the horrifying disaster in Haiti.  It’s not a great time to be raising money for health related causes and yet, these diseases continue to plague us regardless of whatever else is going on in the world and we must continue to fight back.

I am participating once again in the ALS Spin-a-thon  but instead of just asking for money I’m holding a drawing!  I have some really fun stuff that I will be giving to some lucky donor.  This includes

1)  A Chico Bag from Levi Leipheimer’s Inaugural Gran Fondo (this is a sold out item, people – this is your ONLY chance to get one of these!!)

2). A cycling hat from Eleven Gear featuring the Republic of Anaerobia logo   

3). An Aluminum water bottle from Power Flex

4). A copy of  Bike Monkey Magazine, also from the Gran Fondo 

You can have a chance at this fabulous swag for a $5.00 donation!  YOU COULD BE TOTALLY ECO CHIC FOR 5 BUCKS!  How often do you get an offer like that, eh??

ALS is a nasty, pernicous, almost always fatal disesease that robs a person of his or her life inch by inch, month by month.  It is horrible and random and not all that common and therefore not something drug companies feel compelled to try to cure.  It’s up to us to raise the money and fund the research to help eradicate this awful disease.  That’s worth 5 bucks, don’t you think?

Here is a link to my fund raising page. It explains how the drawing will work.   The donation levels were set by active giving, not by me.  I’m happy with 5 bucks.  And for that you get 5 chances to win this cool stuff and the chance to help wipe out ALS.


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2 Responses to Give a Little – Get a Lot

  1. fe-lady says:

    I will send some $- but send the “stuff” to someone else if I am a “weiner”- I have too much STUFF! 🙂 Good gal for raising $!

  2. Vickie says:

    I’m with Cheryl on this. I also will donate but please give to someone else if I should happen to win. I tend to win stuff, never money. And I have seen first hand the effects of this disease on someone close to me.

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