Wrapping It All Up

This is that day when we wrap up one year and head in to the next. It’s an arbitrary date but it works out because it gives us an opportunity to put away all of the excitement and decorations and the debt and madness of ‘the holidays’ which started pretty much at Halloween, and move on to the next cycle of annual events. Very tidy.

Athletes can reflect on a year of training and racing and assess it for progress, for inspiration, for opportunities to deal with disappointment, injuries, triumphs and lessons learned.   January 1 is everyone’s time to put down the cookies and candy and pick up the barbells, put on the running shoes and step up to the opportunity of making this year the best one yet.

For some of us, making 2010 better than 2009 isn’t much of a challenge.  I wouldn’t say my 2009 was horrible but it has put me in a fairly precarious place such that 2010 WILL be the year I do something beyond hoping for a great job and farting around training while I await a miracle. I’m happy to say that I read a few status updates today that reminded me that for some people 2009 was a great year. People who had their first child, did their first Ironman (myself included), got a great new job and a beautiful new home –  lots of people had a fine, fine year.    Lots of people did not so here’s to some economic recovery in 2010 and shiny New Year for All!

I have captured my athletic year in graphics:

Hours trained per month

Hours trained per month

Miles per discipline per month

Miles per discipline per month

Swim, Bike, Run distance/pace

Swim, Bike, Run distance/pace

So I trained a bunch and the run and the swim are better and the bike – hard to say. It doesn’t look so good on the chart but there are extenuating factors so it looks like the line is effectively flat.  A little disappointing but it’s okay because I found something more interesting.  Here are my training volumes in miles per month over the last 3 years:

2007 Training volumes (note the scale on the left)

2007 Training volumes (note the scale on the left)

Yearly Log 2008

Yearly Log 2008

Yearly Log 2009

Yearly Log 2009

I don’t know how easy it is to see but on the 2007 chart the ‘distance’ axis goes up to 140 miles and on the 2009 chart it goes to 500 miles.  The 2008 chart goes to 400 miles.  This proves that I have come to love my bike instead of fearing it and of all of things I have accomplished that is one of my favorites.

Wow – boring.  Moving on.

I did an iron distance race this year.  That should be my favorite thing and in many ways it is but more favorite than that was what happened in the process.  I got stronger, I got more confident and I made new friends.  So that was the best part.  I got to share that day with my first born and her husband and that was also the best part.  I finished the race in spite of being in a state of discomfort and that’s admirable but what’s better than that is that there was never a doubt in my mind or my heart that I wouldn’t finish that race.  I knew I could I do it – I knew that.  And that’s the best part of all.

I have to finish cleaning up my desk t make it New Year Ready.  2010 is going to be dramatic and good because I’m going to make it that way either by landing a job I’ve been working on for months or, failing that, something else.  Something good.  And I know I can do it – there isn’t a doubt in my mind or in my heart.

Happy New Year!

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8 Responses to Wrapping It All Up

  1. Tammy Metzger says:

    Look at all your graphs! Such a tri-geek, you are. 🙂 and You have an amazing 2009 accomplishment!! “discomfort” is an understatement.

    Yes, 2010 will be a GREAT year! New Year’s is arbitrary, and I’ve never been much into resolutions, etc., but maybe this year I’ll embrace it.

  2. fe-lady says:

    I have to admit I scrolled right past all the “math”-but I KNOW already how much you did this year, how much you have improved, etc. etc. without even looking at them! 🙂 Best of luck in 2010 with job, training and other stuff you want!
    Happy New Year Pamela and we shall see you in June! (It’s not that far away!)

  3. Mother Chaos says:

    Happy New Year! You continue to be a great inspiration…keep on keepin’ on!

  4. Beth says:


    You are awesome. Maybe you can help me with the running part, and I can get you to continue to grow to love the cycling part, like I do. Also, maybe we could work on the strengh training together? Monica sort of yelled at me about that the last time I tried to climb Diablo. Strength training is really important for women our age, as it builds muscle and bone mass and retards osteoporosis. I just hate doing it. Interested?

  5. Anne says:

    At least you can say you made the most of your time off work; I sure can’t. This inspired me to try a little harder at everything in 2010, especially on the job hunt.

  6. Juls says:

    You are an inspiration. Happy 2010!

  7. Phoenix says:

    I’d say you had an awesome year – but that’s an outsider’s viewpoint. It was dramatic, that much is certain!

    I hope 2010 is your year and that you realize more success than you could dream!

    Best of everything!

  8. Runner Susan says:

    Happy New Year, Mom! You are incredible.

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