Monday Monday – Perseverance Furthers

I’ve been running quite a bit lately because I have this little race coming up next weekend (the Nike Half Marathon).  I increased my running volume quite dramatically.  Check it out – this is my weekly milage   starting 10  weeks ago and rounded up to the nearest mile:

10, 5, 14, 4, 2, 16, 5, 7, 28, 22

Notice a slight jump, there?  Oh my aching glutes – they were killing me.  I think it was the right thing to do, though because this is the most I’ve ever trained for a half so it should be good.  It also was the result of running with other people and holding their (faster than mine) pace AND talking.  That’s a new one.  The camaraderie,  the discovery of my ability to keep up, and being  sociable have been  great.

I was going to go for a group trail run on Sunday but the email about where to meet up never made it to the prospective participants (which is really too bad because this run involved going out  to breakfast afterward) so I went riding   instead.  I was so happy.  I love those Sunday rides – they are just the best.  The wind was horrendous but the day was clear and bright and the company was great and I had what felt like  one of the best rides of my life.  It was the fastest for those conditions, anyhow,  and that made me happy. 

In fact, these days my bike always makes me happy and that creates a sort of meta-emotional positive feedback loop of happiness because I used to fear my bike and I used to hate riding in the wind and the hills and although I claim no love of the wind I do love conquering the wind.  I love the way I feel after a hard ride.  I love seeing so much fantastic scenery in the course of a workout although admittedly I spent quite a bit of time focused on the wheel of the person in front of me which explains the speed.  I kept up… I tried.. I worked hard… I was not a total pain in the ass whiner who kept everyone back – I was a cyclist and I had a great time.

I think that will be my story of  this training  season   when the end of December comes and I, like everyone else, feels compelled to summarize.  Training more and training harder rule.  Perseverance furthers.

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3 Responses to Monday Monday – Perseverance Furthers

  1. suzee says:

    Can’t wait to see the results of your unique training plan! I’m sure they’ll be spectacular.

    Also can’t wait for the race report…it sounds like a nice race.

  2. fe-lady says:

    Best of luck next weekend! You should PR and have a great time as well!
    The link….where did it take me? I am not familiar with the “teachings”?

  3. Good luck this weekend! Hope those SF hills aren’t too brutal!

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