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Getting Back in the Saddle

When I did my 140.6, lo those many months ago, I came out of that experience feeling like I could handle anything.  Not that I was so amazing – just that I had done the distance and if I wanted … Continue reading

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Of Races and RollerCoasters

Folsom, August 15, 2010 – Folsom Olympic Distance Triathlon There is no better time for self-evaluation and a trip to the internal loony bin than during a race. The rollers on the bike course are no match to the rollers … Continue reading

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Rumble Eve

It’s 7:00 PM the night before my big race and I’m ready to rumble.  Like everyone who endeavors  to traverse 140.6 miles all in a row broken up into a 2.4 miles swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – It’s All About the Win/Win

I had such a fantastic weekend that I’m not sure I can convey its greatness.  I had the opportunity to do things that made me feel strong and capable and to see things I’d done make others feel strong and … Continue reading

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Hump Day Miscellany – in pictures!

I decided to just post pictures of a bunch of stuff Folsom Olympic Distance Triathlon The night before the race I went to the Mexican restaurant next door and ordered  a chicken burrito, expecting to get a normal burrito.  No.  … Continue reading

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Vineman 2009 – A Little Visit to Hell

Every race is a learning experience and this one was no exception.  On Friday night we went to the pre-race talk with the Pros and heard Joanna Zeiger (among others) speak.  The MC talked about how she had had one … Continue reading

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Then and Now

This photograph proves a few things.  The ‘Then’ version was taken when my eldest was 16 months old. She is now 25. The ‘Now’ was taken today, Nov 13, 2008.  Although the baby has changed, the Mama, the pants and the … Continue reading

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Tri, Tri and Tri again

Forward – I have written about this before (twice) but I just got the pics from this year’s race and it brought it all up for me again so this is what we call a three-peat. Apologies if you are … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – F.I.T. Race Report – PR!

I wish I could tell you I was floating on air with this PR – I should be. I feel good about it and it shows remarkable improvement in my ability but something is just not ‘there’ Maybe writing this … Continue reading Continue reading

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And done reasonably well. I had a big PR and will write a race report tomorrow. Thanks for all the well wishes. I really needed them! Continue reading

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