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Monday Monday – I’ve Got a Date!

And not just any date – oh no.  I’ve a got a three way scheduled for mid-June.  Ooooo baby!  That’s right!  I’m meeting up with Runner Susan and Juls for a wine country bike ride!  Wine will be involved.  Lots … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2009 went like this: 7 AM – Fabulous Open Water Swim Clinic where I learned some great stuff about sighting that might even keep the kayak guys from having to chase me down next time I race – … Continue reading

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Tuesday Monday – Because it is

No more Monday Monday on Tuesday.  That’s just wrong. So here’s what I did this weekend. ** update** I just re-read this post and realized that if you aren’t a cyclist it sounds like I am a nutjob who speaks … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – That Was Hard! Oceanside Race Report

I think I wrote fairly often about how anxious I was about this race and how apprehensive I was about it.  As the week leading to the race drew near I went through every emotional state possible  and I felt … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – the Best Laid Plans

Here’s what I did this weekend on Saturday: 3 Bears via Pig Farm + Inspiration Pt. When I told my inadvertant coach Monica about it I got this response: WHY did you ride 4 hours today?  WHY did you ride … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – Buried Under A Pile of Snot Rags

I am sick with a cold.  A really nasty one. Maybe it is the flu but I don’t have any body aches so I don’t think so.  There are 2 things I can’t stop doing – blowing my nose and … Continue reading

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Monday Monday – No PR For YOU!

Oh well – I did not have a 5K PR in the couples relay but I did have a great time! I rode a really hard ride on Saturday along with a bunch of people from Forward Motion Race Club … Continue reading

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