Monday Monday – Another Frabjous Weekend

Picture two women cruising the California coastline in a convertible with the top down on a beautiful sunny day having just had a stunning and exhilarating  trail run followed by an authentic and delicious lunch at a little Tacqueria.  And that was just how my weekend ended.  Everything leading up to that moment was equally as sunshine and contentment infused.  This weekend took the grump out of grumpy leaving only the “y” for YES!  YES! life is good.   YES! life is rich.  Yes I still don’t have a job but YES! my family is all in good health and the weather was glorious and I lived a blessed life this weekend.  

Friday night I had date #2 with a man I like very much.  We hung out and drank a glass of wine at my house then we went and saw Frost/Nixon which was very good and then we went out to dinner and then we came back to my house and had a cup of tea.  Lovely.  I really enjoy his company.

Saturday I had a  fantastic bike ride with Forward Motion and in some ways I killed it.  I was still slower than most of the people (but not all) but I was faster than usual and it was one of those rides that left me feeling stronger and improved as a cyclist and that put a huge grin on my face.

Sunday I went on the most amazing, beautiful run on Angel Island with a friend.  The air was clear and crisp and cool but it was sunny and bright.  The trails there are mostly single track and there was a race but I was not a participant (since it got sold out).  We ended up inadvertently playing salmon and going against the crowd which mostly meant getting out of the way but that was okay because that was the uphill part.  Who doesn’t like to step off the trail and stand still frequently on the uphill climbs?  I was good with that.  Some other people from Forward Motion were running the race so we got to see them and hang out for a while.  Good times.

   When we got to the top of Angel Island  we were greeted with a panoramic, 3 bridge view of the entire Bay Area.  With no no bib and no concern at all about our  time we were free to just hang out there enjoying  the view for quite some time .View From Angel Island

After the run my friend and I went to visit the new might-become-my-beau for a moment (does that count as a 3rd date?) and then we went out for a delicious  buritto followed by a drive back home with the top down on her convertible Mercedes.   The whole weekend was positively frabjous.

not her car but it might as well be

not her car but it might as well be


How  much can I complain when I have days like that?  Not too much.  Being unemployed is not a happy thing and the economy really and truly is in the toilet and will take quite some time to recover and that’s not a good thing but right about now I’m feeling like that’s the only not good thing in my life.  I have plenty enough resources to keep on keepin’ on for quite a while so color me  happy.

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6 Responses to Monday Monday – Another Frabjous Weekend

  1. iliketoast says:

    “and then we came back to my house and had a cup of tea” … code right?, I get it, Keeping it clean for the kiddies no doubt, nudge, nudge, wink, wink say no more.

  2. hilary says:

    it was a gorgeous weekend to be out! sounds like you had a real winner.

  3. Sounds perfect to me!

  4. Donald says:

    Wow. Hard to beat a weekend like that. Life is good indeed.

    P.S. It’s not a 3rd date … but it’s a “pop-in”, which in some ways is an even higher level of involvement. Sounds like this is going somewhere.

  5. jeanne says:

    i could use some tea right about now! tea is good, nothing to be ashamed of.

    awesome weekend, and hot dawg a man. I been wondering where they all went. sounds like your training is kicking ass.

  6. stronger says:

    who needs a job when you’ve got all that going for you??

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