Queen of the Hills

*** Updated with long overdue attributuion to the photographers who took the pics I used (and an apology for being lazy about it to begin with) ****

When I left for my ride this morning I was excited but not confident. The plan was to ride the famous 3 Bears, so named for 3 pretty substantial hills – Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear. I managed this ride 2 years ago on my old Schwinn but hills have not been my friend lately so I was at the least concerned and I was pretty sure I’d be bringing up the rear by quite a margin.


I was the Queen of the Hills. I was so far ahead of my riding partners that I had to stop and wait at the top of the first hill because I was sure someone had flatted or dropped a chain or something. Not so. My new love machine just has some secret turbo booster thingie that kicks in when I least expect it.

The ride was short but beautiful and it did wonders for my confidence. I got a definite case of butt munch at the end but I think the distance was just right for that. I might even go for another ride tomorrow. That’s how much love how I feel right now.

Here’s the elevation map but it has a definite artifact. That spike at the beginning of Papa Bear is all wrong. Just figure the hill is continuous, which it was. I think I need a handlebar mount for my Garmin.


Here is an elevation map from another source:

Imagery from along the way (this is for you, Juls!)

I didn’t take any of these shots – I found them on the internet but they are all things that I saw this morning. click the picture to link to the originating websites.

Aerial shot (click to see site to get 3D “Magic Eye” type images)

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10 Responses to Queen of the Hills

  1. susie says:

    Secret turbo thing? How about strong thighs!! Way to go. Nothing like a strong, successful workout to put you on top of the world!

  2. fe-lady says:

    Wow! What a ride! Pretty too! Hope I can keep up with you at Wildflower!

  3. OMG! That’s a HELL of a hill. You ROCK!!

  4. OMG! That’s a HELL of a hill. You ROCK!!

  5. stronger says:

    It’s so pretty there this time of year. Good job getting out on the bike.

  6. Juls says:

    Thanks. I like the aerial shot the best.

  7. Susan says:

    Yup, them be hills!

  8. butt munch..bwa ha hahahaha! Yeah, I hear ya.

    Here’s hoping Suzy Q has that turbo boost thingie too – Maybe it comes standard with the carbon frame?

  9. bold says:

    well done!

    look out wildflower!!

  10. stereoaerial says:

    What a surprise to find my photo on your site!

    Please attribute the aerial shot to me, and, if you could, include a link to my website that has the 3-D version of the photo. You can see 3-D if you do the “Magic Eye” thing, or cross your eyes.

    That is an awesome road for bikes. My daughter used to stable her horse at one of the barns on the road.

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