The Black Hole That Was February

February just whizzed by, now didn’t it? And what happened to my training? It got lost somewhere in the dark cold mornings and in the rain.

Training Log for the Month:
Swimming – 10x for a total of ~14 miles (~25,000 yards)
Running – 3 x for a total of ~20 miles (gulp)
Cycling – 3 x for a total of ~46.5 miles (double gulp)

The swimming wasn’t too bad but the running and riding totals should be per week, not per month. I’m not sure what happened but I do know that I just keep waiting. Waiting to get stronger without strength training. Waiting for more light. Waiting for more warmth. Waiting to feel like it. Waiting for inspiration. And I know better. I know that there is no waiting – there is only doing and I know that the inspiration comes from within – it comes from riffing off of the achievment and dedication and performance of others and leveraging that as a personal call to action. It means just doing it.

Oh yeah- there was the part where I was sick for the entire last week of the month, too. Thanks to all for the well wishes. It worked! I’m back and now IT’S HAMMER TIME! Really – it really is. If I don’t hunker down to a plan I will totally humiliate myself at Wildflower so here’s the plan: There are 8 weeks to WildFlower. I’m going to spend 2 weeks building a base (hee!) and then I’m going to adhere to a 6 week training program. That’s it. I’m all in. No more waiting. No more hoping. No more wings and prayers. Time to get some Drive.

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3 Responses to The Black Hole That Was February

  1. stronger says:

    Are you out of bed yet? Are you training? Good girl. 2 months- let’s go.

  2. momo says:

    you can do it, mom! glad you’re feeling better!!

  3. Don says:

    You rock 21stCM!
    BTW, I really enjoy reading your blog.

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