Monday Monday – The True Value of Triathlon

I signed up for 2 more triathlons. I’m doing Folsom International next weekend and then my “A” race sprint distance Tri on Sept 21. I’m pretty sure I can nail a PR in both races given how much stronger and faster I am now.

Of course this leaves me worried about failure. What if I don’t PR? What if I DNF??? What if I think I’m racing really hard and I hardly cut my time at all? WHAT IF I DON’T MAKE MY GOALS!!?????

Then I remember – so what? It’s all optional and it’s supposed to be fun. Worst case is what?? A flat? Leg cramps? Nausea? I walk the run? Things happen, right? It’s okay.
I had a leg cramp last year and I survived. In fact I finished the race and last year my time was an Oly PR – 3:33. If all goes right this year I’ll smash that time and feel really great. And if it doesn’t I’m sure I can come up with some soothing rationalization that will make me feel okay until I get to the next race.

Maybe the best thing about triathlon is the way it makes us re-evaluate our priorities and helps keep us in touch with our humility. Or maybe it’s the stunning bike p0rn we’re subjected to in transition. Or maybe it’s having a great excuse to play on a bike or go for a run or go swimming when what we really need to do is mow the lawn. What’s your favorite thing about triathlon?

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12 Responses to Monday Monday – The True Value of Triathlon

  1. IHateToast says:

    hm. since i don’t do triathlons, i’d have to say my favourite part is reading about other peoples’ improvements. if i could see a tri in action, i’m sure i’d amend this and say that my favourite part were the lycra-clad buns-o-iron.

  2. IHateToast says:

    people’s. sorry.

  3. cindy says:

    It’s such a great way for me to avoid doing laundry!

    (the being fit and feeling good thing is pretty awesome, too)

  4. Donald says:

    Thanks for the reminder – yes, it’s supposed to be fun. I keep telling myself as I head into a triathlon this weekend I have no business racing.

    Tri-training makes me feel like a kid. Swimming, riding my bike – those were my favorite things to do when I was 10. They still are.

  5. Cliff says:

    I often remind myself to be able to train is a blessing already.

    Strangely, this thinking makes me wanna train harder not easier. Makes me want to race harder than easier.

  6. Cliff says:

    I often remind myself to be able to train is a blessing already.

    Strangely, this thinking makes me wanna train harder not easier. Makes me want to race harder than easier.

  7. LBTEPA says:

    I like feeling strong all the time
    and I like it when people are surprised when I tell them I do endurance sports and I can say “I don’t look it, do I?” Mwahahaha

  8. TriJenPB says:

    My favorite part is the people. I am a back-of-the-packer and everyone is ALWAYS so encouraging. Come on you can do this. Hey great job on the bike! The people are always amazing and the positive energy is contagious!

  9. jeanne says:

    my tri peeps! riding 50 miles on the bike. doing more than i ever thought i could.

    i gotta remember to have fun during my next race. I’m going to approach it as an experiment, just go out and see what i can do.

    that’s my story anyway.

  10. fe-lady says:

    After the race…where I can drink beer and eat sushi (or something similar) and talk “war stories”!

  11. I just dealt with some of those issues myself. I’m doing a half IM this next weekend and I’m NOT GOING TO TRY TO PR! I’m just going to have fun.


    oh, and I like tris because I get to eat like a hog, and then work it all off in a good brick workout.

  12. Wil says:

    Hmm, wow I’d have to say just being able to connect with so many cool people. I always feel this huge sense of gratitude from being around so many amazing folks, both the participants and volunteers.

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