SOMA Bound

After much deliberation, hemming and hawing and after overcoming some bizarre dread fear of shipping my bike – I am on my way to SOMA today! My bike is currently in Tempe and will soon arrive at Big J’s office (Momo’s husband). I will arrive tonight in time for a repeat of last weekend’s wine, Brie and hot tub experience. Not as crazy wild, though. I could live without the hangover.

Tomorrow I will meet up with a passel of blogger buds, some I have met before, some I will meet for the first time. I am so very excited to have a big community of triathletes to hang out with and to race “with”. I use the quotes because I’m reasonably certain I will not actually “be” ‘with’ any of them on the course but I will be with them at the end. I am doing the Quarterman and most of them are doing the Half so I have faith that I will be at the finish line cheering them in. If not then it means I broke my leg or something.

I am so SO excited that this is last triathlon of the season for me. I won’t do another until….. probably May. In the meantime I’m going to go pedal to the metal at this race in search of a final, season ending PR. This will be tough as my last Oly was basically short on distance and this one is a bit long. It’s all about the bike, though and I intend to ride hard and just let it hurt, something I’ve never done before. Seriously. I usually back off for fear of not being able to run. This time – NO FEAR! I’m just going for it. If the run hurts it hurts. If I tank, I tank. NO FEAR! I need to break 3:10 – can I do it?

My transition bag is packed and checked and ready. My boarding pass is printed (flying SWA means printing it out EARLY people – I’m group C – 101 which means I’ll have to choose who to piss off as I ask to take the center seat).

Think speedy thoughts for me!

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8 Responses to SOMA Bound

  1. stronger says:

    See you tomorrow morning!!!!!! You won’t be alone on the course. Momo and I will be there cheering while you do all the work!

  2. Jen says:

    Good luck and have fun!! Race your little butt off, and remember that you don’t have to work that hard again for months! You’re going to do great. 🙂

  3. Waddler26.2 says:

    Good luck and have a great week-end.

  4. Tammy says:

    Ugh, wish I was there. Alas, I am here. Good luck! Sending you all the speed I have to spare. Leave it all on the course baby!

  5. Brent Buckner says:

    Speedy thoughts thunk!

  6. rural girl says:

    Speedy thoughts be with you.

  7. paul says:

    Hey Pamela,

    It was great to meet you on Sunday! how did your race go? did you break 3:10? See you around!



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