Video Interlude

I have a connection to this video via my daughter’s friend. Make that my daughter’s really amazing friend. I think aforementioned amazing friend probably created and directed this video but I’m not sure and really, it doesn’t matter.

These people live in New Foundland where it is cold. Very cold. My brain would just freeze and cease to function and yet these people are creative – brilliantly so. I think this song speaks to those of us who get up at absurd hours and put our aging bodies through whatever it takes to maintain vitality and a sense of health and well being – and so we can stay young forever. It is also good music and a very fine video. Enjoy!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

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4 Responses to Video Interlude

  1. momo says:

    age happens just that fast, doesn’t it?

  2. Some Maritime fiddle in that video!

  3. wow. that was effing awesome. Totally hit the nail on the head.

  4. Humbly Ann says:

    My friend did indeed conceptualize, direct and produce this video. I was listening to XM radio one day and thought “Hey, this is a great song,” so I looked at the artist and thought “HEY this is TIM’S band”. Which is my way of saying that although you might think I would be biased, I love love love their album independent of the fact that I also love the lead singer Tim. The band is called Hey Rosetta! and their album, Plan Your Escape is available on iTunes. Excellent warm-down music. Great stocking stuffer. All-around good buy. End plug.

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