The Treasure of the Sierra Angelone

When I thought up this title it was because I thought the classic movie was called ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Leone” not ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”. I thought about switching to ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Momo” but it really didn’t work so I’m sticking with my mistake because it’s thematic to my race report.

This weekend, as noted by others was an epic bloggerpalooza. I met some people for the first time and others I had met before either because they came and visited or because I met them at Wildflower and/ or IM WI. What was so remarkable about this, though is that it felt about as comfortable and familiar as getting together with old friends from high school. In some ways we seemed to have just about as much history with each other as you would if you had really known someone for years. It was very fun.

What was more remarkable was how fabulously well treated I was by my hostess, Momo. She and her husband Big J were the most gracious and warm hosts ever. Momo deserves some sort of really special award for the endless shuttle service she provided. The weekend went like this:


  • pick 21CM up at airport (late) and drive aaaaalll the way back to Scottsdale.
  • Have dinner prepared by Big J (yum!)
  • Sleep
  • Saturday

  • drive to airport early to pick up Stronger
  • drive aaaaalll the way back to Scottsdale, mostly via surface roads due to freeway closure going north
  • assemble bike, load in car
  • drive back into town to have lunch with Krista and friend stopping to drop off Frankie at friends
  • drive to Tempe to get packet, rack bike (Momo and Stronger met up with others while I did that)
  • drive aaaaallll the way back to Scottsdale to shower and get ready for dinner
  • drive back to town to have most excellent bloggerpalooza dinner with about 25 people. Big time fun
  • drive aaaaallllll the way back to Scottsdale
  • watch game, go to bed
    Sunday –

  • 21CM, up at butt crack of dawn; eat, have coffee
  • Stronger and Momo get up soon thereafter
  • drive back to Tempe with nervous 21CM
  • Momo and Stronger spend day being excellent race sherpa/cheerleaders in hot, hot sun
  • Cheer everyone in at finish
  • drive aaaaallllllll the way back to Scottsdale
  • shower, pack
  • drive back to airport to drop off 21CM and Stronger
  • Momo drives aaaallllll the way back to Scottsdale to plop on couch and finally get some rest!

    See what I mean? The woman is a SAINT! Love you, Momo.

    Now I’m too tired to write the race report. But, as our govenator likes to say, “Ahl be baaaach” And yes, there are pics… they are coming. I just have to dig my camera out of wherever it is.

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    4 Responses to The Treasure of the Sierra Angelone

    1. awesome to see you this weekend – I had a blast!

      OK…Now we have to figure out what’s next!

    2. Can’t wait for the race report!

    3. momo says:

      mwa, love you too!!

      and just for the record… no amount of driving is too much to spend time with my friends. 🙂 especially now that i have navigation…

    4. awwww…friends are great aren’t they? 😉

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