Timex Sweepstakes

Timex asked me to promote their sweepstakes to win one of these sex-ay devices.  I have nothing to do with the entries or drawing – you have to click on the image below for that.


Click image to get to sweepstakes

Click image to get to sweepstakes

The prizes are:


• Timex® will cover your 2011 race entry fees (up to $620), provide you with its latestGPS watch to take your training further, plus you’ll get a Headsweats® Race Hat.


• You’ll receive Timex’s latest heart rate monitor, Timex® Ironman® Race Trainer Pro™ heart rate monitor, which has a unique ergonomic fit for comfort and readability.


• You’ll receive Timex-branded Headsweats® race hats, a team favorite for its comfort, wicking and durability.



Here is a review from everyone’s most favorite and trusted reviewer, DC Rainmaker

If you like to cut to the chase he has this to say about this device:


– I LOVE being able to set all the options
– Battery life is good, at 15hrs in recording mode, 12 days in standby and 1 year on the shelf turned off
– Able to enable GPS correction algorithms (or disable), note altimeter is GPS based, not barometric
– Able to enable different levels of pace smoothing to make training by pace easier
– Using Training Peaks means tons of great analysis tools
– Waterproof to 50 meters (doesn’t track in swim though)
– ANT+ Compatible, so it works with almost all ANT+ sports accessories (like Power Meters)
– Can generate multiple files for multi-sport workouts (or also just generate single files, or do both)
– Ability to export ALL your settings, and import them back in


– It’s big.  Really big.
– Backlight is kinda lame, not nearly as nice/bright as 310XT backlight
– Power Meter feature parity slim: No calibration, no 1s recording, no cadence pickup from PM’s, no smoothing.
– Doesn’t support ANT+ foot pod (for treadmill running or running cadence)- Key data fields are missing (such as Lap Distance, while Lap time is there)
– Significant signal dropouts across multiple ANT+ device types (HR, Cadence/Speed)


Good luck!!


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2 Responses to Timex Sweepstakes

  1. fe-lady says:

    I hate TIMEX watches…they fall apart way too easily.

    I can NOT read that screen either! Can you or anyone else over 40?
    Can you change the font size? Maybe then I would think about wearing one… 🙂

  2. fe-lady says:

    I was talking about the readout number size on the watch-not your blog! Silly girl! 🙂

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