Shameless Pandering

  I’m doing something ‘for cause’.  The cause is fighting ALS.  ALS is a very nasty disease that takes its victims lives slowly – one digit, one limb, one body part at a time.   Life goes on for months and months but gets harder and harder as the afflicted marches inexorably to his or her death.

I know fundraising is sort of tedious.  I know we all get asked to donate to something over and over and over again and it’s hard –  money is tight.

I am asking for $16.50  in honor of Jon Blais’ 16.5 hour Ironman race, undertaken after he was diagnosed with ALS.

If you’d like to help out just go here  This is a different link than the one I posted yesterday.  Thanks to Bret Buckner for both pointing that out and for contributing to the cause.

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2 Responses to Shameless Pandering

  1. runnersusan says:

    do you paypal? can i email you money?

  2. Bookmarked for payday on Thursday…

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