Hump Day Miscellany – on Wednesday!

It’s a miracle!  I’m actually getting this written on the correct day.  Must be that spirit of renewal we are all feeling.  We are all feeling it right?  I am!  So without further ado ….

1). Drive By Compliment –  The other day when I was riding up Mt. Diablo in the middle chain ring feeling pretty fly a most amazing and complimentary thing happened.  A very large SUV with 3 cute guys in their late teens or early 20s started to pass me as they were coming down the mountain.  The kid driving had his window open and he pointed at me and said “YOU!  are beautiful”   So to the adorable kid in the big SUV, “Thank you!  YOU made my day!”

addendum – I think what he meant was “for climbing the mountain at your advanced age” but I dug it, anyhow.

2). Look and Feel –  How do you like my spiffy new template?  Pretty clean and nice, eh?  I owe it all to Runner Susan who is the bestest bloggy friend a girl could ever, ever have.  If you want you blog sexed up and beautiful you really must avail yourself of her services through the Masthead Factory.  You won’t regret it!

3).  Training is solidly under way and my thunder thighs are feeling well used.  I had almost forgotten about that ‘hurts so good’ feeling but I must admit – it is good.  Me gusta, mucho!

4).  Dating and romance make me crazy.  I’ve had 3.2 dates with the man I like and I like him all the more so now I’ve already transcended to the crazy woman who is insecure and sure he is going to dump me any second.  That does not hurt so good – it is absurd and stupid and I need to stop it.

5).  On Feb 7 there is a national ALS fundraising event called The War on ALS put together by the Blazeman Foundation.  ALS is a nasty, nasty disease that takes your life inch by inch; day by day.   I am a participant in this indoor Spin-a-thon and will spin in a trainer or stationary bike for 2 hours or so.   Not that big a deal for me but 16.5 hours seemed a little over the top.    I am raising money. I’m hoping to get people to donate $16.50 which would be 1 dollar for every hour John Blais spent making his life long dream of becoming an IronMan come true.  5 bucks works, too!  So does $1.65.  Anything, really.

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9 Responses to Hump Day Miscellany – on Wednesday!

  1. Gees, most of my encounters with SUVs while on my bike involve a certain finger!

    And the man you have had 3.2 dates with should be the one who is insecure – does he have 20 year olds telling him he is beautiful? 🙂

  2. Perhaps you should doublecheck your instructions on part 5. I tried to follow them with unsatisfactory results – could just be me though!

    Selecting your name on the dropdown brought me to a donation page (this one) that did not have your name under the “Select Member Page” dropdown. According to the resulting e-mail confirmation, my donation ended up being attributed as having been made through Simon Mutlu.

  3. runnersusan says:

    Dating and Romance? It’s been so long since I’ve done that I’m not sure what to tell you . . . Except 3.2 doesn’t sound like very many. How’s the sex?

  4. Julie says:

    I love Runner Susan’s question. HaHa. I needed to laugh ‘cuz of my men issue. I wonder what she would say if you answered that the sex was great. As for the “You are beautiful” comment: It was just as you first interpreted…YOU ARE.

  5. And don’t you all just wish I would answer RS? Well – I’m NOT going to so HA!

  6. Black Knight says:

    My last dating? 31 years ago with my wife! Very nice post and yes, a beautiful template.

  7. suzee says:

    1. Teen boys can be awesome, that way.
    2. Love it.
    3. Go you!
    4. Boycott pop music during this phase. It helps. 🙂
    5. Cool, will check it out.

  8. Donald says:

    I like the template. Susan does great work.

  9. Don’t forget to exhale.

    ps: you rule!

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