Hump Day Miscellany – Biiiicycle, Biiiicycle

Me Wheels

Me Wheels

1). “I love to ride my bicycle, I love to ride my bike” – 21CM with deference and apologies to Queen

2). I had my first ride in a while with The Good Doctor on Sunday. He hadn’t been on the bike for a while and he thought it would be cold so he was over dressed. He didn’t put water in his water bottle. I ended up riding the poor man into the ground – literally. He got dizzy so we stopped, I handed him my water and a pack of Gu and he downed them and then laid down on the sidewalk. We were quite the spectacle. A couple of minutes later he was fine and we finished up.

3). Today my training partners Dana and Maggs took me out with them and handed me my ass about 10 times. I don’t know how they do it. I tried – I really did but cruising at 20-21 mph is just a tad out of reach for me still. Hope springs eternal that some day I’ll be able to keep up with them.

4). Capping off a 40+ mile ride by going out for a burrito is definitely the way to go. Yum! Joe Friel can just bite me if he doesn’t like it because I sure did.

5). Riding without a working Garmin (mine died 2 miles into the ride) ends up feeling like I didn’t ride at all. I can’t see my mile splits, I can see where we went. It’s a good thing my legs and glutes are sore or I might think it was all a dream.

6). I think I figured out today that I need alonger stem for my handlebars. I am constantly pushing myself back on my seat and that must be because I’m not stretched out far enough which I think means I need my handlebars to be pushed out a bit.

7). I love my bike but it will soon have some competition. Shhhhh….. I’ll tell you later.

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1 Response to Hump Day Miscellany – Biiiicycle, Biiiicycle

  1. runner susan says:

    hmmmm, a new bike? I need a longer stem too, but hubband says I actually have to ride it to get one. I like looking at mine in the garage.

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