Tap Tap Tap – is This Thing On?

I must be getting boring because the comments have dwindled to a trickle. But never mind that because I have more important matters to discuss than the drivel that describes my life.

My daughter’s friend has made a pilot for she hopes will be a 6 episode web show. She needs to show the money people that this thing is of interest and that involves having people click on her film. So please – click on her film. They protagonist is a highly annoying, lazy ass douchetard named Jerry. I know I’m not in the target demographic for this little show but apparently the younger generation loves it so please give Jordan a boost and click away!

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4 Responses to Tap Tap Tap – is This Thing On?

  1. Aka Alice says:

    I clicked away. My nephew (also named Jordan…a coincidence) is also trying to be a filmmaker. I’m old, so I never “get” his films, but I click away anyway.

    BTW. I was having a difficult time getting your RSS feed after you move, but it’s working now. Maybe that explains the lack of comments?

  2. Jenny says:

    I clicked. Maybe it would be funny if it weren’t so true! Her filmmaking seems to be pretty good, but I think the genre has been played out so much that kids actually want to grow up and BE Jerry. Ick.

  3. runner susan says:

    you need to be sure and update your new URL when you comment. sometimes when I click on you from a comment it pops up your old blog.

  4. runner susan says:

    Hee. I just saw mom write ‘douchetard’.

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