You Know You’re Hooked When…

So I’m off to Canada until Monday night and I’m missing 1 long bike ride, 1 swim and 2 runs. Actually, that would be 2 swims because I’m supposed to do a 40 minute recovery swim on Sundays but I never do because of where I swim. Anyhooooo….. this morning I tacked another 30 minutes on to my ride (big whoop!) and I went to the pool and swam 1500 meters which is less than I should but I had decided just to let it go and enjoy my trip. I figured I could get in a run, anyhow. Maybe 2.

Then I started printing out the “stuff” for the trip – boarding pass and reservations for hotel and car. I took a look at the hotel ameneties and almost peed my pants with joy – FITNESS CENTER!!! LAP POOL!!! Seriously – my heart soared like an eagle. Now I’m going to check out ‘Map my Run’ and find a route in the area where I’m staying.

This is why when someone does their first triathlon I always think, and sometimes say – “Welcome to the crackhouse!”.

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1 Response to You Know You’re Hooked When…

  1. comm's says:

    Have fun in the great white north. I have missed the obsessiveness of getting in workouts. Thanks for the reminder.

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