Monday Monday – Post SuperBowl edition

What a great weekend and I’m not just talking about the game.

Saturday morning was cloudy but not raining early on. The forecast was for rain to start at about 11 so of course I sat here surfing the net for a few hours thinking ” you really should get out there before it rains” and then surfing some more until it started raining. I had 6 miles of running on my schedule and as the rain started to fall I started to think of excuses and alternatives like “I could do some strength training or um…. fold laundry – that counts, right? ” And then I thought, “Oh no you don’t! You bought it, sister – get going” so I put on the running clothes and headed for the door. My reward for that dedication and fortitude was that the rain stopped – just for me! It even got a little bit sunny. That lasted for almost 4 miles and then it started raining again, just in time to cool me down.

When I got home I made myself stand in my unheated pool to accelerate recovery. I took off my shorts, wrapped a towel around me, walked outside, put the towel around my neck and walked down the steps in the pool preying to God my neighbors wouldn’t take a glance over the fence and see me standing in the pool in my underpants. Brrrr…. that is some COLD water – really cold! I lasted about 5 seconds before I ran in the house but then I made myself go out and stand in there for 20 seconds. That gave the neighbors all too long to discover me and it was torture but it seems to have panned out so I’m glad I did it.

So that was 6 miles in 66 minutes and change for an average pace of 11:08. Doubled my YTD mileage and recovered some self esteem all in one shot. YES!

Sunday I went and did the Sunday Ladies Garage ride. There were fewer women this time and one woman with a suspiciously low voice and large Adam’s apple but we let him stay because we’re nice like that and he’s nice, too. Spinervals in a crowd is so much more pleasant that going it alone. I got in 18 miles of lean and mean in 1 hour and left there feeling good.

And then the Super Bowl at a friend’s house. Her husband bought this creamy blue cheese and fabulous bread that was to die for and we had Pozole and pizza and fritos and bean dip. Yum! There went the run and the ride but oh well – Super Bowl Sunday is but once a year. I noticed a Tanita in her bathroom and made the mistake of getting on it. Oy. Need I say more?

Speaking of weight, I have to weigh in on the ads because that is mandatory post Super Bowl bloghavior. My votes go to the tire ad with the screaming animals (Bridgestone?), the Pepsi Max ad that took off on the SNL disco skit and best of all, the Amp Ad. Hysterical! They lucked out that the game was a nail biter. Taking that slot is a real crap shoot because if the game is a route you can lose your audience by then but I’m pretty sure their ad was watched by everyone who had any interest in that game at all. I also loved the eTrade ads. Boo to GoDaddy and to Danica Patrick. She really needs to quit allowing the culture to reduce her to her FQ and focus on what a kick ass race car driver she is. It’s really a shame she feels the need to sell herself as a sex symbol. She’s a beautiful woman with a serious talent and that’s plenty sexy enough.

I loved the 1/2 time show, too – go Tom Petty and Ye Ol’ Heartbreakers (ye very old heartbreakers – where does the time go??). That was the only part I saw in HDTV since the HDTV was in their bedroom and her husband for reasons that totally escape me didn’t want to watch the game in bed with 3 women. Anyhow, I must say I’m getting really weak in the knees for a giant HDTV. It is so not in my budget but my word – TV looks GREAT in HD. Love it! Must.have.HDTV. I wonder if either of my kids would mind quitting college. JUST KIDDING! With these race registrations going through the roof all I have to do to afford HDTV is give up racing. Oh yeah – lots of TV, no racing, a few pints of B&J and voilĂ  – I’ll have a big fat ass and my to be bought Tanita will rise up and smite me. Never mind. I’ll just have to find another way.

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7 Responses to Monday Monday – Post SuperBowl edition

  1. I have never actually seen HDTV, so I don’t know what I am missing! This is probably a good thing!

  2. stronger says:

    Yeah, but then you could park your trainer in front of the giant HDTV and you wouldn’t get a fat a$$! Total justification.

  3. Donald says:

    The FedEx pigeon commercial was pretty funny. And yeah, Danica needs to win something before she does any more promos – she’s turning into the Anna Kournikova of car racing.

  4. Iron Jenny says:

    my favorite ad was the Dorito’s one where they featured an up-and-coming singer and mentioned that her music could be downloaded on itunes. That totally made me want to go out and buy a bag of chips. Not to eat, or anything, but just to support the folks at Dorito’s…
    I am so proud of you for getting out and running when you didn’t feel like it. I wish I had that commitment… but I am just getting lazier and lazier!

  5. The Fedex commercial was definately the best, the most successful.

  6. Anonymous says:

    A pool…I’m so jealous. That means it actually gets warm where you live! What a dork I am. The only part of the Super Bowl I saw was the half-time show.

  7. Audrey says:

    Hi – thanks for stopping by my blog. Sounds like you got a good workout in on Superbowl Sunday as well! Hopefully, the weather will be better next year.

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