If I’m Not Racing I’m Dreaming I Am

I had a dream last night that I was racing a triathlon and during the swim the water would suck at my hands as I tried to pull them out of the water for the next stroke. I had to pull hard and break the seal of the water surface and it was hard. Then I was drafting behind some sort of speed boat and going really fast and the water felt like air. The next thing I knew I was in T2, trying to tie my running shoes but there were knots in the laces. They weren’t tied together but there were really tight knots along each lace and I had to undo those knots before I could tie my shoes. It was taking a really long time and in my head I was thinking I should just forget about the knots and tie my shoes and get going but I couldn’t – I HAD to get those knots out. And then I was running and it was good.

I think it means that I feel stuck and like I can’t move forward but then something happens and I can move – I can move really well. I’m still waiting for that part – right now I just feel stuck.

Notice that I skipped the bike portion of the race. I hope that thing about how “it’s like riidng a bike – you never forget” is true or I’m in for some big trouble. Meanwhile I’ve painted 1 room and 1 hallway and almost finished stripping the paint off a dresser and I mowed the lawn and cleaned the house. The bike will just have to be patient – I’m busy!

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7 Responses to If I’m Not Racing I’m Dreaming I Am

  1. david says:

    On the one hand you’re so much better than me for doing all that swimming and biking. On the other hand, look how that tri stuff is messing with your dream state!

  2. Or maybe too many paint fumes slowing you down?

  3. bold says:

    hi there 21st, following up with you and everyone on your offer for help!

    the blog is up here:


    we are working through the name, and a graphic design… have a look!

  4. Wow..I usually have dreams i’m an hour late for the start of an Ironman..talk about panic!!

  5. Tammy says:

    I think that was a sign to get on your bike! Painting can WAIT!!! 😛

  6. Jen says:

    Hi! Sounds like you are working very hard around the house these days- I know that’s much tougher than it seems. Nice job!

    I had a dream last night that I was in a marathon and all the food I had to eat were radishes and pistacios, and in another part I had to stop because my shoes were on the wrong feet… crazy stuff.

  7. IronJenny says:

    crazy dream… but I’m glad you are painting!

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