If I’m Not Racing I’m Dreaming I Am

I had a dream last night that I was racing a triathlon and during the swim the water would suck at my hands as I tried to pull them out of the water for the next stroke. I had to pull hard and break the seal of the water surface and it was hard. Then I was drafting behind some sort of speed boat and going really fast and the water felt like air. The next thing I knew I was in T2, trying to tie my running shoes but there were knots in the laces. They weren’t tied together but there were really tight knots along each lace and I had to undo those knots before I could tie my shoes. It was taking a really long time and in my head I was thinking I should just forget about the knots and tie my shoes and get going but I couldn’t – I HAD to get those knots out. And then I was running and it was good.

I think it means that I feel stuck and like I can’t move forward but then something happens and I can move – I can move really well. I’m still waiting for that part – right now I just feel stuck.

Notice that I skipped the bike portion of the race. I hope that thing about how “it’s like riidng a bike – you never forget” is true or I’m in for some big trouble. Meanwhile I’ve painted 1 room and 1 hallway and almost finished stripping the paint off a dresser and I mowed the lawn and cleaned the house. The bike will just have to be patient – I’m busy!

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