I Had a Post

I had post, I hit a key and poof! – the post disappeared because the ‘new post’ window closed. You should be glad, too because my post was a mini-rant on today’s story about how government inspectors slipped the stuff to make a couple explosive devices past 19 different TSA check points.


The upshot of the news story is that it’s okay that the procedures used to scan your carry on are ineffectual because the TSA uses many layers of security to determine if you are a threat or not. What you have in your carry on or on your body is just 1 of those layers and if they aren’t that good at picking up on dangerous stuff then *yawn* it’s okay because they have other ways of getting your number.

Sort of makes me wonder why they bother scrutinizing everyone’s toiletries and then confiscating lip balm and cream rinse from little old ladies.

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5 Responses to I Had a Post

  1. momo says:

    from someone who is perpetually late, security at the airport is a nightmare. i always wonder what they think i’m going to be doing with lipbalm and nailpolish, but i guess they’re so smart – they must know something i don’t know. 😉

  2. what? airport security measures are ineffective?

    the emperor has no clothes?

    Noooooo! 😉

  3. Juls says:

    Pretty scary. Yup, that is why I am driving to southern california (instead of flying). It has nothing to do with money….’cuz I spent that trying to get the van in shape for the trip.

    By the way, how is that hybrid of yours?

  4. Bigun says:

    have you ever seen what a little old lady can do with a proper loaded lipstic? I have, it’s not pretty….

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