Sold Out!

IM FL ’08 is sold out – I looked. I have no idea when it sold out but probably long before I looked.

I decided after SOMA that there was no way I was going to do IM FL ’08 even though TriMama had tried to tempt me to join their team. Then I spoke with IronMomJenny this morning and she told me about how they were going to do it and for a second I thought “I should be there”. I let the moment pass.

So then I looked – and was really glad that I had let that opportunity go by because I’m not ready to train for an IM – I’m really not. Not even one where a team would stick by my side. I’ve stepped up to a 70.3 and that is quite enough, thank you.

Congratulations to Jenny, defending #1 Athena at IM FL.

** update

Aw shucks – I’m following Runner Susan and David as they run the NYC marathon and they are definitely sticking together. I hope they are having fun!

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4 Responses to Sold Out!

  1. IHateToast says:

    i have an image in my head of desperate triathletes scrambling over each other for that last ticket to willy wonka’s iron man. … or over a nice, expensive bra that’s the last of the big bra sale at XYZ department store.

    i’d imagine triathletes would do well in those sales. like the washing machine with no water.

  2. Black Knight says:

    OK, no problem I am glad to give you the ticket to enter the Florence Marathon on nov. 25th.

  3. david says:

    We were having such a good time sticking together we forgot to send postcards. Thanks for the tracking love.

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